Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion Faculty


Sophia Gibbs Kim, Chair, flute

Jan Angus, flute and piccolo
Andrew Brown, clarinet*
Maura McCune Corvington, horn* & **
Patrick Corvington, trumpet
Jeffrey Gray, trombone
Chisato Eda Marling, saxophone
Wesley Nance, trumpet*
Kyle Peters, percussion
Geoff Sanford, oboe
W. Craig Sutherland, tuba*
Bill Tiberio, Music Educators Wind Ensemble **
Alan Woy, clarinet


Jung Choi, oboe
Carl Galland, clarinet
Blaire Koerner, bassoon
Michelle Kraak, trumpet
Tierney McLean, trumpet
Lauren Rudzinskas, trombone
Kristina Setka, clarinet
Elizabeth Simmons, horn
Zachary Stern, saxophone
Yi Xiang, flute

* Member, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
** ECMS instructors who teach part-time for the college
***ECMS instructors who teach full-time for the college

ECMS Faculty by department