Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion Faculty

Sophia Gibbs Kim, Chair, flute


Jan Angus, flute and piccolo
Andrew Brown, clarinet*
Maura McCune Corvington, horn* & **
Patrick Corvington, trumpet
Jeffrey Gray, trombone
Chisato Eda Marling, saxophone
Wesley Nance, trumpet*
Kyle Peters, percussion
Anna Steltenpohl, oboe & English horn
W. Craig Sutherland, tuba*
Bill Tiberio, Music Educators Wind Ensemble **
Alan Woy, clarinet


Jung Choi, oboe
Lauren Eisenreich, trombone
Carl Galland, clarinet
Blaire Koerner, bassoon
Michelle Kraak, trumpet
Tierney McLean, trumpet
Kristina Setka, clarinet
Elizabeth Simmons, horn
Zachary Stern, saxophone

* Member, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
** ECMS instructors who teach part-time for the college
***ECMS instructors who teach full-time for the college

ECMS Faculty by department