Theory in Motion

Theory in Motion is a five-level program focusing on aural and kinesthetic musical understanding, music literacy, and musicianship. We also introduce terminology and analysis. This program is sequential and consistent throughout the levels and is designed to interrelate and coordinate with the other ECMS courses. Our innovative syllabus builds on the methods of Kodàly, Orff, and Dalcroze, as well as the research of Dr. Edwin Gordon. In all levels, students will enjoy active, fun-filled lessons that develop and expand their musical skills and understanding.

Students will grow in their ability to:

  • inner-hear and internalize melody, rhythm, beat and meter,
  • sing with independence, good intonation and expression,
  • improvise melodically, rhythmically, and through movement,
  • move with expression,
  • and communicate through music.

Enrollment in Theory in Motion is free for Young Children’s Chorus and Children’s Chorus members in grades 2-6 and is strongly recommended for all elementary students. 

All students should meet for the first class on September 9 in ESM 404 (4th floor of the Eastman School’s Main Building) as follows: 

  • Grades K-1 should all attend at 10:30-11:15.
  • Grades 2-4 should all attend at 8:50-9:35.
  • Grades 5-6 should all attend at 9:40-10:25.

Classes meet once a week for 45 minutes with staff instructors.

Dr. Adam Foley, Director
Tuition: $144 per semester; $133 or less per semester with lessons
included in Young Children’s Chorus and Children’s Chorus tuition.
This is a yearlong course divided into two semesters.

Theory in Motion A

Grades K–1
Teacher: Janet Grace
Saturdays: 9:40-10:25 a.m. or 10:30-11:15 a.m. 
Room: A708 (9:40-10:25 a.m.) or A707 (10:30-11:15 a.m.)

Prerequisite for those in kindergarten: Clef Club, see Early Childhood classes

Theory in Motion B

Grade 2
Teacher: Dr. Adam Foley
Saturdays: 8:50-9:35 a.m. 
Room: A707

Theory in Motion C

Grades 3–4
Teachers: Teresa Shyr
Saturdays: 8:50-9:35 a.m.
Room: A704

Theory in Motion D

Grade 4
Teacher: Rainamei Luna
Saturdays: 8:50-9:35 a.m.
Room: A710

Grades 5–6
Teacher: Rainamei Luna
Saturdays: 9:40-10:25 a.m.
Room: A710

Theory in Motion E

Grades 5–6
Teacher: Teresa Shyr
Saturdays: 9:40-10:25 a.m.
Room: A704

How to Register

Print and complete:

ECMS Registration Form (PDF)

Return the form:

  • By mail to 26 Gibbs Street, Rochester, NY 14618
  • By fax to (585) 274-1005
  • By email to
  • Or in person at 10 Gibbs Street, Suite 310.

Continuing students may choose to re-register online from May until September. Once registered, students may begin attending classes. The only registration confirmation you will receive is your bill. You may log on to check your registrations at any time. Click here for complete details on registration and policies.