Voice Faculty


Teresa Ringholz– Voice Department Chair

Diane Abrahamian, voice – Jazz and Contemporary Music Specialist
Patricia Alexander, voice and Eastman Community Chamber Singers 
Lindsay Baker,  acting for singers instructor & coach
Andrea Folan, voice
Naomi Foley, Young Children’s Chorus
Carrol Frangipane,
 voice and Eastman Pathways Mentor
Hannah Harrow, voice and Eastman Pathways Coordinator
Karie Schroer Templeton, voice, Children’s Chorus, and Youth Chamber Singers
Pablo Willey-Bustos, voice


Matthew Campisi,voice
Joanna Kim, voice
Emmalouise St. Amand, voice

* Member, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
** ECMS instructors who teach part-time for the college
***ECMS instructors who teach full-time for the college

ECMS Faculty by department