Billing & Payment

Bills are sent before the beginning of each semester, and are due on the 27th of the following month. Subsequent outstanding balances will be assessed a late fee of 1% of the amount past due. The University of Rochester Bursar’s Office places holds on accounts with balances greater than $100. These holds prevent students from registering for additional courses until tuition is paid.

Payment can be made by check, cash, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover in person or online. A nonrefundable semester registration fee of $15 must be paid by all students except those in Bridges and  Early Childhood Music classes. Unfortunately at this time, we cannot take payment over the phone.

Students may enroll in a monthly payment plan, breaking semester tuition into monthly installments. As long as each month’s installment is paid on time, no late fees will be charged. Students must re-enroll for the payment plan each semester in UR Student. (Click the “Finances” application on the home page, then “Sign Up for Payment Plan”) 

The registration/application forms contain the following payment agreement:

I understand that the University must receive the full amount (as described in the ECMS catalog and website) due less any financial aid (including RCSD Pathway Scholarships) on or before the due date as noted on the bill, and that if the full payment is not received by the due date, the University will assess a monthly late payment fee of 1% of the amount past due. I understand that I am responsible for any late payment fee resulting from delays in the delivery of my bill. Payment must be in U.S. dollars. I further certify that should my account not be kept current, I understand the University may curtail my ability to register for future semesters. I acknowledge the University’s right to assess collection and legal fees should my account remain unpaid at the time I leave the University. I understand that I am obligated to pay those fees. I further agree to accept the ECMS refund policies as found on the ECMS website.

Missed lessons and make-up policy

Students are charged for all lessons or classes for which they register, including those missed through student absence. As a courtesy, students are expected to notify their teachers directly of any impending absences. Instructors may offer make-up lessons, but they are not obligated to do so. If a teacher is absent for a lesson, a make-up will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time, or a substitute may teach the lesson. Missed music theory classes can be made up by attending alternate sections of the same class with permission of the instructor.

Class Cancellation Policy

All classes are subject to cancellation if under-enrolled. Cancellations will occur by the end of the third week of the session. Classes or rehearsals cancelled due to weather or other emergencies are generally not made up or refunded.

Withdrawal and Refunds

Any request to withdraw from classes or lessons must be made in writing to the Eastman Community Music School office by clicking here. Verbal requests will not be honored.

Early Childhood Classes

Because of the popularity of the Early Childhood classes and the competition for placement, full refunds will be made only if notification of withdrawal is received at least one week prior to the start of the session. After that time, no refund will be made.

Private Lessons

Students who state their intention to withdraw before the beginning of the term will receive 100% refund or tuition credit. For students withdrawing from private lessons, 50% refund or tuition credit will be granted when notification is received before the end of the sixth week of Fall or Spring terms or before the fourth week of Summer term. After that time, no refund will be made.

Classes or Ensembles

Students who withdraw from a class or ensemble during the first three weeks of a semester will receive 100% refund or tuition credit. Those who withdraw from a class or ensemble during the fourth to sixth week of classes will receive 50% credit or refund. Students receive no refund if they drop after the sixth week of classes.

In extreme cases involving serious illness, death, or relocation, arrangements for credit or refund can be made at the discretion of the Associate Dean. 

Emergency/Weather Policy

In the case of an emergency closure, ECMS lessons and classes will be held online. If technical issues prevent remote study, individual lessons will be made up at a later date. Cancelled ensembles will not be made up.

If ECMS remains open during inclement weather, individual teachers may opt to reschedule their activities at their discretion.

Disability at ECMS

The Eastman Community School of Music is committed to fostering a welcoming, encouraging, and empowering environment where students with disabilities can thrive in their musical studies.

It is a personal decision to disclose the existence of a disability and to request an accommodation. While we cannot make retroactive accommodations (for example, allowing a student to repeat a test once the disability has been documented and an accommodation has been approved), we encourage you to begin the process of registering with Disability Services at any time during the semester.

As part of the Eastman School of Music and the University of Rochester, Disability Services follows higher education guidelines for documenting disabilities and implementing accommodations. For more information please visit the following link:


School music program participation policy

1) All students in Community Music School ensembles must remain in good standing in their school music programs concurrent to their participation in our ensembles. Being in good standing in their music programs means that they participate successfully in some aspect of their school program (provided there is a music program) while a student in an Eastman ensemble.

2) All school performances take precedent over Community Music School ensembles. We will work around the student’s school schedule and, when necessary, will rehearse and perform without members of our ensembles. One of the primary goals of Eastman Community Music School ensembles is to prepare students to achieve greater levels of musicianship. We expect that the skills and attitudes learned at Eastman will be shared with the students’ school music programs.