Our Mission

The Eastman Community Music School, in collaboration with members of the collegiate division faculty, strives to:

  • Introduce students of all ages to the joy and discipline of music
  • Provide a rich environment that supports each student’s musical participation and enjoyment
  • Develop a solid foundation for the young musician aspiring to a professional career
  • Present opportunities for lifelong musical experiences
  • Offer ongoing development for teachers and other music professionals

Messinger Hall entrance on Gibbs Street

Eastman facade at night

Our Philosophy

We believe that music is not only an essential part of a quality education, but also a powerful contributor to quality of life. George Eastman created the Eastman Community Music School (ECMS) in 1921 for the enrichment of the residents of greater Rochester with the expectation that this experience should be available to everyone, regardless of age, musical background or ability to pay.

As a division of the Eastman School of Music, the ECMS faculty believe that the presence of two schools on one campus (George Eastman’s vision) has benefited, enlivened, and complemented both schools, and that this synergy permeates the entire community. This philosophy and unique positioning has guided the school for almost a century. Its results can be witnessed in the passion and intensity of the school’s students–whether as performers, theorists, composers, musicologists, improvisers, listeners or lifelong music enthusiasts.