New Horizons Faculty


Kathryn Brown, director of Beginning (Green) strings
Priscilla Brown
, director of Beginning (Green) Band and Big Band
Bruce Burritt, co-director Concert and Symphonic Bands and director of Brasso Profundo
Juli Elliot, director of Chorus
Tierney McLean, director of Antique Brass
Alex Peña, director of Orchestra
Ken Scott, co-director of Clarinet Choir
Don Sherman, co-director of Beginning (Green) Band & Director of Vintage Jazz
Zachary Stern, director Saxophone Ensemble
Chris Wong, director of Flute Choir
Alan Woy, co-director Concert and Symphonic Bands and co-director of Clarinet Choir

Sectional Mentors

Ben David Aronson, low brass
Tierney McLean, trumpet
Kyle Peters, percussion
Kristina Setka, clarinet
Sarah Song
, cello
Zachary Stern, saxophone
Keaton Viavattine, trumpet
Chris Wong, flute

ECMS Faculty by department