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ECMS offerings are divided into lessons, classes, and ensembles:

Private Lessons are available on all instruments and in voice, composition, and jazz improvisation with ECMS instructors and interns. For most instrumentalists, the recommended age for beginning private study is age 7. Pianists and violinists may start at a younger age; for vocalists, the recommended age is about 10.

Group Classes include a variety of topics from early childhood music classes to music theory, aural skills, technology and history to group voice and instrument instruction.

Ensembles provide students with the opportunity to rehearse, create, and perform music together in a supportive, nurturing, and inspiring environment.  While most ensembles can be taken with or without concurrent private instruction, they offer a venue for students to apply the skills learned in individual lessons to collaborative music making.

Throughout the year, ECMS offers a wealth of additional learning experiences, including workshops, masterclasses, recitals, and summer programs.