Collegiate Faculty

The following members of the Eastman School of Music also teach for Eastman Community Music School.  Each sets their own tuition rate; call 585.274.1400 for further information.

Jeff Campbell, bass
Tony Caramia, piano
Chiao-Wen Cheng, piano
Katherine Ciesinski, voice
Rosemary Elliott, cello
Elinor Freer, piano
Alan Harris, cello
Anne Harrow, flute and piccolo
Doug Humpherys, piano
Yoojin Jang, violin
Renée Jolles, violin
Mark Kellogg, trombone
Ahrim Kim, cello
Mikhail Kopelman, violin
Oleh Krysa, violin
Vince Lenti, piano
Chien-Kwan Lin, saxophone
George Taylor, viola
Rich Thompson, drums
David Ying, cello
Phillip Ying, viola

ECMS Faculty by department