Eastman Young Children’s Chorus

Grades 2–4
Teacher: Naomi Foley
Saturday, 9:50–10:50 a.m.
Room: ESM 404

Tuition: $240 per semester
Tuition with lessons (10% off): $216 per semester
Tuition with lessons and two or more concurrent 17-week classes or ensembles (15% off): $204 per semester
Tuition includes weekly musicianship class.

This is a yearlong course divided into two semesters.

This program offers singers in grades 2-4 a wide array of music from diverse cultures. The chorus performs twice per school year at Eastman. Each chorus member will participate in a weekly rehearsal and a weekly theory and musicianship class: Elementary Musicianship: Theory in Motion.*

Please contact Naomi Foley to schedule an audition time and prepare to sing Happy Birthday for her: nfoley@esm.rochester.edu

Auditions will take place on Saturday, September 9. The first rehearsal will take place on Saturday, September 16, following a meeting with parents and students. In order to schedule an audition, please fill out this form, or email or call the ECMS office.

How to Register

New students and students registering after mid-September: ECMS Registration Form 

Continuing ECMS students may re-register online from May until September.

Paper registration forms available upon request: (585) 274-1400

Once registered, students may begin attending classes. The only registration confirmation you will receive is your bill. You may log on to check your registrations at any time. Click here for complete details on registration and policies.