Women in Music Festival

Festival Schedule and Repertoire

Festival Schedule and Repertoire


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Monday, March 27— Two Continents Meeting

Eastman School of Music Main Hall  |  Noon-1 p.m.

L’Astratto (9′) — Barbara Strozzi

Kristin Goodkin, soprano
Michael Unger, harpsichord
Scott Shubeck, chitarrone

Deux Morceaux pour Violon & Piano (7′) — Lili Boulanger

Nocturne – Assez lent
Cortège – Pas vite

Nathan Simington, violin
Larisa Simington, piano

Improvisation (3′) — Lavinia Kell Parker

Lavinia Kell Parker, piano

From Three Browning Songs (3′) — Amy Beach

Ah Love, but a day!

Madeline Miskie, soprano
Marion Scott, piano

Forests (5′) — Beata Golec

Beata Golec, piano

Suite in g minor (10′) — Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre

Menuet Double

Josephine Gaeffke, harpsichord

From Pointillisms for solo piano (3′) — Laura Elise Schwendinger

Point of Balance
Boiling Point

Christopher Foley, piano

From Suite for Clarinet & Viola (1942)(8′) — Rebecca Clarke


Kenneth grant, clarinet
Melissa Matson, viola

Three Sung Songs (7′) — Barbara Pentland

1. Divining
2. Life
3. Let the Harp Speak

Wendy Hatala Foley, mezzo-soprano
Christopher Foley, piano

Blue Motel Room (7′) — Joni Mitchell

Adam Baratz, piano


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Tuesday, March 28 — Exotic Influences

Miller Center Atrium  |  Noon-1 p.m.

Midnight Rain (7′) — Elizabeth Falconer

Ryuko Mizutani & Juliet Grabowski, koto

From Men I Have Known (8′) — Elizabeth Raum

I. J.D.
II. J.P.

Pamela Terry, mezzo-soprano
Min-Kuei Yang, piano

From Quatre Pièces Charactéristiques (7′) —
Clara Wieck-Schumann

Caprice à la Boléro

Jongwa Park, piano

Perineo (5′) — Libby Larsen

Zachary Palamara, baritone
Sophia Ahmad, piano

From Duo Sonata for Violin & Piano (1963) (6′) — Jean Coulthard

III. Allegro, tempo giusto

Pia Liptak, violin
Sylvie Beaudette, piano

From Beloved, thou hast brought me flowers (5′) — Libby Larsen


Yvonne Douhat, mezzo soprano
Andrew Barnhart, cello

From My Garden (6′) — Ursula Mamlock

Lynn Blakeslee, violin

From Sonata for Piano(9′) — Sofiya Gubaydulina

II. Adagio
III. Allegretto

Daniela Mineva, piano


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Wednesday, March 29 — Music in the Time of Susan B. Anthony

Eastman School of Music Main Hall  |  Noon-1 p.m.

Suffragette Songs (3′)

Votes for Women — Marie Zimmerman

Marching on to Victory — Otto Motzan

Suffrage Song — Eleanor Smith

Eastman Women’s Chorus; Susan Conkling, director
Rudy deVos, piano

Song for the Spinning Wheel (4′) — Florence Newell Barbour

Behold the Spring (4′) — Florence Newell Barbour

Eastman Women’s Chorus; Susan Conkling, director
Soloists: Katherine Scally, soprano & Abigail Levis, mezzo-soprano
Rudy deVos, piano

Trois Mélodies (6′) — Cécile Chaminade

Auprès de ma Mie
La Fiancée du Soldat

Kathryn Cowdrick, mezzo-soprano
Alexandra Nguyen, piano

From Treasure Island (6′) — Florence Newell Barbour

Song of the South Wind
Little Ships at Sea
Frolic of the Mermaids

Andres Gomez-Bravo & Eun Mi Ko, piano

Rochesterian Parlor Songs (10′)

* O What Shall I Do My Dear — Jennie Ellis

** Bird of Beauty — Miss M.B. Scott

*** Where the Poppies Glow — Florence Newell Barbour

**** The Bridge — Miss M. Lindsay

**** Rommani or Gipsy Death from Love — Virginia Gabriel

* Casey Dunn, baritone & JooHyun Lee, piano
** Jared Schwartz, baritone; Darla Mattern, soprano & Fang Zhang, piano
*** Analisa Leaming, soprano & Annie Wang, piano
**** Yvonne Douhat, mezzo-soprano & JooHyun Lee, piano

From Summer Dreams (6′) — Amy Beach

I. The Brownies
II. Twilight
III. Elfin Tarentelle

Alexandra Nguyen & Shannon Hesse, piano

Songs about Local Treasures (6′)

* On Thousand Island River — Mary F. Bunnell

** In the Vale of the Sweet Genesee — Edna May Lenahan

*** Rochester Maid Means Quality — Florence Newell Barbour

* Katherine Scally, soprano & Eun Young Choi
** Anton Grasch, tenor & Julia Hatamyar, piano
*** Audrey Snyder, mezzo-soprano & Jonathan Ware, piano

Turn of the 20th Century Art Songs (10′)

O Mistress Mine — Mary Howe

Men Dorothy E. Reid) — Mary Howe

Two Songs (Louis Zacharias) — Amy Beach

Der Totenkranz

Song to a Dark Virgin (Langston Hughes) — Florence Price

Kelly Samarzea, contralto & Diane Birr, piano


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Thursday, March 30 — The World is Our Village

Schmitt Hall  |  Noon-1 p.m.

Morning Melted Into the Sky (5′) — Momoko Hayashi

Catie Hickey, trombone
Adam Matthes, viola
Rebecca Herman, cello

Toccata for Organ Solo (8′) — Beata Golec

Joo Soo Son, organ

Taking the Scarlet (10′) — Winnie Cheung

Pia Liptak, violin & Ryuko Mizutani, koto

Pié Jesu (5′) — Lili Boulanger

Karen Holvik, soprano
The Ying String Quartet (Timothy & Janet Ying, violin; Philip Ying, viola; David Ying, cello)
Kathleen Bride, harp
David Higgs, organ

Impromptu for Flute & Oboe (1967) (5′) — Thea Musgrave

Tabatha Easly, flute
Alyssa McKeithen, oboe

Flores del Desierto: Tangos for Organ (1998) (15′) — Pamela Decker

I. Albarda
II. Espuelita
III. Saiya

Michael Unger, Ruth Draper & Christopher Jacobson, organ


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Friday, March 31 — Music of Our Time

Eastman School of Music Main Hall  |  Noon-1 p.m.

Night Dances (8′) — Ruby Aspinall

Dying Night

Jennifer Ruggieri, harp

Five Improvisations for Piano op. 148 (10′) — Amy Beach

Lauren Woodward, piano

From Lovesongs (e.e. cummings) (8′) — Margaret Garwood

I. who knows if the moon’s
II. now all the fingers of this tree (darling) have
III. it may not always be so; and i say

Eileen Strempel, soprano & Sylvie Beaudette, piano

From String Quartet: Schoenberg, Schenker, Schillinger (6′) — Libby Larsen

III. Schillinger

Grace Lee & Kitty Cheung, violins
Kimberley Fitch, viola
Sunny Yang, cello

Three Dream Portraits (Langston Hughes) (8′) — Margaret Bonds

I. Minstrel Man
II. Dream Variations
III. I, Too

Derrick Smith, baritone
Berryl Garver, piano

From Calendar Collection (1976) (4′) — Judith Lang Zaimont

II. February: Ice Melts Slowly
X. October: Autumn Thoughts
IV. April: The First-Bird Song

Zuzanna Szewczyk, piano

Four Portraits (7′) — Thea Musgrave

I. The Phisition
II. The Lawyer
III. The Divine
IV. The Courtier

Zachary Palamara, baritone
Juliet Grabowski, clarinet
Sophia Ahmad, piano

Tenement Rhapsody (2005) (10′) — Amanda Harberg

I. Subway
II. At Home
III. At Play

Bobby Mitchell & Janneke Brits, piano


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Dr. Sylvie Beaudette, Festival Director
Sophia Ahmad, Assistant Director
Sponsored by Maureen L. Toombs RE/MAX Realty Group, Universal Edition, and Eastman School of Music.