Performer’s Certificate/Artist’s Certificate

The Performer’s Certificate recognizes students who demonstrate outstanding performing ability. A candidate for the Certificate must be an Eastman undergraduate or graduate student, or an arts and sciences student matriculated in the Bachelor of Arts degree program with a concentration in music. They must be in residence, receiving instruction in applied music during the academic year in which the Certificate is sought, and be nominated by an examining committee of faculty. The Certificate is awarded on the basis of a public recital presented during the academic year following nomination, or during the Summer Session following that year. The recital is judged by a faculty committee from the appropriate applied music subject. It is granted with or following the awarding of a degree, and must be approved by the entire faculty of the department in question.

Graduate students holding the Performer’s Certificate who demonstrate the highest level of performing ability may, with the unanimous recommendation of their applied music faculty (or on rare occasions, with one dissenting vote), become candidates for the Artist’s Certificate. Once a student is nominated for the Artist’s Certificate, they will present a plan for three concerts to the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies. Two of these events will be solo concerts, and the third will be collaborative in nature (ranging from a concerto performance or chamber concerto to events involving dance, multimedia, computer or electronic media, performance art, improvisation, and the like). The Associate Dean of Graduate Studies will appoint a five-member interdepartmental jury (normally, the graduate dean will serve as a non-voting member of the jury), which will evaluate the candidate’s plan and either approve it or suggest alterations. Normally, the three events will occur within a two-year period for reasons of continuity. During the time in which the candidate begins to fulfill the requirements for the Artist’s Certificate, they must be a degree candidate (though not necessarily in residence) and must be receiving applied music instruction. Final granting of the Artist’s Certificate requires the approval of the entire faculty.