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Festival Schedule and Repertoire


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Monday, March 21 — Poetic Women

Eastman School of Music Main Hall  |  Noon-1 p.m.

Dualities (percussion solo) (8′) — Aïko Miyamoto

Ruth Cahn, percussion

I Never Saw Another Butterfly (4′) — Lori Laitman

1. The Butterfly

Laura Rosen Puzio, soprano
Kristin Rarick, alto saxophone

Feverish Sleep (4′) — Rachel Kincaid

Halie Silverman, Brad Hogarth, Rachel Kincaid, trumpets

Men I have known (6′) — Elizabeth Raum

1. J.D.
2. T.S.

Pamela Terry, mezzo-soprano
Min-Kuei Yang, piano

Kokopeli (4′) — Katherine Hoover

Heather Zinninger, flute

Lorelei (3′) — Clara Schumann

Erin Matson, soprano
Sophia Ahmad, piano

Prelude no. 1 (3′) — Beata Golec

Beata Golec, piano

Phobia (5′) — Beata Golec

Eric Siepkes, piano

Three Browning Songs (8′) — Amy Beach

1. The Year’s at the Spring
2. Ah Love, but a day!
3. I send my heart up to thee

Catherine Greer, soprano
Johnandrew Slominski, piano

En cherchant mes souvenirs (6′) — Lavinia Kell Parker

Halley Gilbert, soprano
Kate Carter, violin
Bradley Parker, piano
Kurtis Gruters, percussion


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Tuesday, March 22 — Dramatic Women

Miller Center Atrium  |  Noon-1 p.m.

Sonata for Piano (10′) — Sofiya Gubaydulina

1. Allegro

Daniella Mineva, piano

Two Sketches (6′) — Abigail Aresty

1. Interference
2. Contrasting Imitations

Daria Binkowski, flute and alto flute

Ah, Love, but a day! (from Three Browning Songs) (4′) —
Amy Beach

Evangelina Leontis, soprano
Jenneke Britts, piano

Willow weep for me (3′) — Ann Ronell

Reggie Berg, piano

Impromptu no. 2 (10′) — Thea Musgrave

Tabatha Easley, flute
Alyssa McKeithen, oboe
Nick Siedentop, clarinet

She Breaks Down Sobbing (from Music for Our Town) (2′) —
Sally Lamb

Zuzanna Szewczyk, piano

Sonata for Viola and Piano (3′) — Rebecca Clarke

1. Impetuoso – Poco agitato

Elizabeth Ristow, viola
Cory Bonn, piano

Nimble Feet (from Dances of the Canebrakes) (6′) —
Florence Beatrice Price

Tony Caramia, piano

Kute’n’Kunning (3′) — Raie Da Costa

Tony Caramia, piano


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Wednesday, March 23 —
The Music of Roxanna Panufnik:
2005 Featured Composer

Eastman School of Music Main Hall  |  Noon-1 p.m.

Olivia (15′) — Roxanna Panufnik

Eastman Women’s Choir and Susan Conkling, conductor
Grace Lee and Kitty Cheung, violins
Jennifer Volmer, viola
Sunny Yang, cello

Four Variations for Two (10′) — Vera Ivanova

Daria Binkowski, flute
Melanie Sehman, percussion

If I Didn’t Know (25′) — Roxanna Panufnik

1. After Lunch*
2. Being Bored*
3. Bloody Men**
4. If I Don’t Know***
5. An Unusual Cat Poem*
6. By the Round Pond***
7. The Uncertainty of the Poet**

Julia Foster*, Brittany Palmer**, Michelle Murphy DeBruyn***, sopranos
Yoko Oka, piano


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Thursday, March 24 —
When Yesterday Meets Today

Eastman School of Music Main Hall  |  Noon-1 p.m.

Per un baccio (7′) and Tradimento (3′) — Barbara Strozzi

Rebecca Broberg, soprano
Josephine Gaeffke, harpsichord
Christel Thielman, viola da gamba

Three Piece Suite for Oboe and Piano (10′) — Madeleine Dring

1. Showpiece
2. Romance
3. Final

Robin MacMillan, oboe
Bradley Parker, piano

Prelude no. 2 (3′) — Beata Golec

Beata Golec, piano

Cowboy Songs (7′) — Libby Larsen

1. Bucking Bronco
2. Lift me into heaven
3. Billy the Kid

Kathyrn Davis, soprano
Hyery Hwang, piano

A Solo Bassoon Piece for Friendship (7′) —
Tzu-Ling Sarana Chou

Matthew Barber, bassoon

Man Dreaming Butterfly Dreaming Man (8′) — Bonnie Miksch

Pia Liptak, violin
Sylvie Beaudette, piano

God Bless the Child (4′) — Billie Holiday

Jeremy Siskind, piano


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Friday, March 25 — Worldly Women

Miller Center Atrium / Schmitt Hall |  Noon-1 p.m.

Prelude no. 3 (2′) — Beata Golec

Beata Golec, piano

Rain (5′) — Abigail Aresty

Alison Lowell, oboe
Juliet Grabowski, clarinet
Daniel Pesca, piano

From Clairières dans le ciel (6′) — Lili Boulanger

1. Elle était descendue en bas de la prairie
2. Elle est gravement gaie
8. Vous m’avez regardé avec toute votre âme

Janna Kysilko, soprano
Katja Sattler, piano

Flute & Piano Piece (4′) — Winnie Cheung

Daria Binkowski, flute
Winnie Cheung, piano

Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano (2001) (5′) — Ching-Mei Lin

2. Elegy

Jin Joo Yoon, violin
Caroline Bean, cello
Seo Jin Yoo, piano

From Three Browning Songs (6′) — Amy Beach

1. The Year’s at the Spring
2. Ah Love, but a day!

Lindsey O’Neil, soprano
Jane Park, piano

Ivory Tips (3′) — Pauline Alpert

Lauren Woodward, piano

Five Songs with Texts by Frederico García Lorca (6′) —
Elisenda Fábregas

1. El silencio
2. La mano impossible
3. La luna negra
4. Las seis cuerdas
5. Clamor

Eileen Strempel, soprano
Sylvie Beaudette, piano


—Concert continues across the street in Schmitt Hall—

Te Deum op. 11 (6′) — Jeanne Demessieux

Michelle Rae Martin, organ

Yay Be (premiere version for organ) (7′) — Hilda Paredes

Angélica Carrasco Curíntzita, organ


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Dr. Sylvie Beaudette, Festival Director  |  Sophia Ahmad, Assistant Director
Sponsored by Universal Edition and Eastman School of Music