Special Programs and Certificates

Arts Leadership Program and Certificate

The goal of the Arts Leadership Program (ALP) is to equip students with the skills necessary to make a seamless transition from formal education to the working world.   Recognizing that success as a professional musician requires more than superb technique and artistry, the ALP helps Eastman students maximize their marketability in the competitive and rapidly changing professional music world by providing career advising, relevant curricula and real-world opportunities.

The vitality of our musical culture relies on the imagination of young artists and the Arts Leadership Program offers resources to help students gain knowledge in entrepreneurship, communication, technology, audience education, and public advocacy.

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Conservatory Exchange Program

The Conservatory Exchange Program expands opportunities for Eastman students by creating student exchanges with leading European conservatories. A semester or year abroad offers the chance to improve language skills, appreciate a different culture, find a unique educational experience, learn about national performing styles, complete important research, or seek career opportunities.

Eastman students also have the option of participating in programs offered by the University of Rochester’s Study Abroad Office, although these programs are not always directly relevant to a musical education. IES (the Institute for the International Education of Students, offers music-based study programs in London, Milan, Paris, and Vienna. The Milan program in particular offers instruction at several conservatories, including the Accademia Musical G. Marziale, the Civica Scuola di Musica, and the Conservatorio G. Verdi. IES also offers opportunities for non-musical study in additional locations. Application to IES programs is made directly to IES (an independent organization) or the University of Rochester’s Study Abroad office, with support from Eastman in securing the best possible teacher.

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Forte Program

The FORTE (four years plus teaching experience) program is a ninth semester of tuition-free enrollment for selected music education majors at the Eastman School. This semester is devoted exclusively to completion of the student teaching experience. The FORTE program is available to students enrolled in undergraduate music education programs who also are enrolled in a second major. Students must be in good standing in both majors in order to apply, and must be recommended by their music education advisers as well as by their studio teachers. All requirements for both majors must be completed in eight semesters, with the exception of the student teaching. Applied study is not available to students as part of this tuition-free semester.


World Music & Ethnomusicology

A growing awareness of the richness and beauty of non-western music and the interrelatedness of all musical cultures has led the Eastman School to develop both a Certificate and Diploma Program in World Music and Ethnomusicology. Beginning in the Fall of 2002 these programs opened to both undergraduate and graduate students interested in learning more about the world’s musical traditions (World Music Certificate) and the discipline of Ethnomusicology (Advanced Certificate in Ethnomusicology).


Good musical citizenship requires knowledge of one’s own musical cultures as well as those of the others with whom we share our world. These programs will enhance philosophical, political, and musical dimensions, while simultaneously developing practical, hands-on skills needed for today’s job market.

No extra courses are needed—all credits required for these programs can be met under the category of “unspecified electives” that exist as part of the students’ major departmental curricula. Students can apply during their studies at the School through the Institute for Music Leadership.

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