Advanced Diploma in Performance

About the Advanced Diploma in Performance

For the first time in its history, Eastman now offers a stand-alone performance diploma, providing students who have completed a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree in music to focus on performance studies with our applied faculty. The program centers around private instruction as well as high-level chamber music and ensemble experiences. In addition, students will have the ability to enroll in practical elective coursework that will supplement their performance study and better prepare them for a career as a professional musician.

General Prerequisites for the Diploma in Performance

Applicants should have completed at least a bachelor’s degree (in any field) or have appropriate professional experience in music. The Advanced Diploma in Performance cannot be combined with a degree program.

Admission requirements include completing the online application with supporting materials and an audition (with pre-screening if necessary). Applicants who have completed a bachelor’s degree should follow the MM audition requirements for their instrument. Those who have completed a master’s degree should follow the DMA requirements. See audition repertoire requirements and application process for more details.

Core curriculum:

The curriculum is designed so that there are key elements shared by all students regardless of instrument, but maximum flexibility is maintained so that students can design a course of study that focuses on their individual needs.

The core courses for all areas of performance would be:

  • Applied Music Lessons (4 units per semester)
  • Ensemble (1 unit per semester)
  • Diploma Colloquium (1 unit per semester)
  • Performance Project (completed in the final semester of study)

The remaining units for the diploma will be electives, with students expected to register for enough electives each semester to bring them up to at least 9 units per semester.  Students in the diploma program will enroll in a limited number of specific elective courses, pre-determined based on their performance area and developed in consultation with each department. 

Residency Requirement and Duration of Study

The Diploma requires a minimum of 2 semesters of full-time study, with students enrolled in a minimum of 9 units per semester. Typical time to completion is one year of full-time study.

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