Women in Music Festival

2008 Festival Concert Schedule and Repertoire

Festival Concert Schedule and Repertoire


Monday, March 24 — All Van de Vate

Eastman School of Music Main Hall  |  Noon-1 p.m.


Poetry Reader: M.J. Iuppa, Writer-in-residence and Director of the Arts Minor Program, St. John Fisher College

Cantata for Women’s Voices, 1979 (19′)

Voices (James Joyce)
Nightlong, Daylong, and the Sweet Nightingale (12th-century Provençal)
Faces (Walt Whitman)
The Little Old Women (Charles Baudelaire)
Tears (Walt Whitman)

Eastman Women’s Chorus
Susan Conkling, director
Jamie Jordan, soprano; Korin Kormick, mezzo-soprano

Twelve Pieces for Piano on One to Twelve Notes, Vol. II, 2001 (19′)

Jung Sun Kang, piano

Songs for the Four Parts of the Night, 1986(8′)
Poetry by the Owl Woman (Papago Indian)

  1. In the blue night
  2. In the dark I enter
  3. I can see spirit-tufts of white feathers
  4. In the great night
  5. I am going to see the land
  6. The dawn approaches
  7. The morning star

Lauren Iezzi, mezzo-soprano
Jeffrey LaDeur, piano

A Long Road Traveled: Suite for Viola and String Quartet*, 2007 (20′)

  1. Tempo rubato
  2. Adagio expressivo
  3. Allegro
  4. Poco triste
  5. Allegro vivo

John Graham, viola and the Ying Quartet:
Timothy and Janet Ying, violin; Phillip Ying, viola, and and David Ying, cello

*World premiere. Commissioned thanks to a grant from the Hanson Institute for American Music.

Monday’s Special Events

Tuesday, March 25 — The root of it all

Miller Center Atrium  |  Noon-1 p.m.


Poetry Reader: Claudia Stanek, founder and owner of Poetic Effect and founding member of Just Poets

Due luci ridenti (6′) — Settimia Caccini

Siddharth Dubey, voice and Tabitha Boxerman, piano

Scenes from a Jade Terrace, 1988 (9′) — Alexina Louie

(Commissioned by Jon Kimura Parker)

  1. Memories in an Ancient Garden

Naomi Woo, piano

from Four Sonnets by Pablo Neruda, 2006(8′) — Judith Cloud

Sonnet XVII: from Mañana (Morning)
(I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz)
Sonnet XLV: from Melodia (Afternoon)
(Don’t go far off, not even for a day)

Eileen Strempel, soprano
Sylvie Beaudette, piano

Hildegard’s iPod*, 2008 (7′) — Jung Sun Kang

*World premiere, commissioned by Lynn Blakeslee in honor of the eleven women full professors of the Eastman School of Music

Lynn Blakeslee, violin
Kathleen Bride, harp

Prairie Girl, circa 1955-1967, 2008* (10′) — Susan Stoderl

*World premiere

  1. Boundaries
  2. High Noon on the Prairie
  3. Playing Grownup
  4. Peaceable Kingdom
  5. Sunday at the Movies

Ann Marie Wilcox-Daehn, mezzo-soprano
Lisa Raposa, piano

Etudes for Piano, 1956 (5′) — Grażyna Bacewicz

Etude no. 3
Etude no. 8

Beata Golec, piano

La Mandrágora (The Mandrake), on a text by N. Machiavelli, 1992 (10′) — Marta Garcia Renart

La vida es breve
El que no prueba amor
Cualquira se da cuenta
Tan dulce es el engaño
Dulce noche

Karen Holvik, soprano
Beryl Garver, piano

From Barn Dances, 2001 (5′) — Libby Larsen

I. Forward 6, Back 8

Anne Harrow, flute
Alice Mayer, clarinet
Howard Spindler, piano

Tuesday’s Special Events

Wednesday, March 26 — Between Earth and Sky

Eastman School of Music Main Hall  |  Noon-1 p.m.

Poetry Reader: Patricia Roth Schwartz, Instructor at Writers & Books, member of Just Poets, and published by Foothills

Minimal Talk*, 2007 (4′) — Beata Golec

Douglas Prosser, trumpet
Beata Golec, piano

Air and Angels (text by John Donne), 2007 (5′) — Jennifer Bellor

Quinn Patrick, mezzo soprano
Reuben Blundell, conductor
Sara Ballance and Wendy Toh, violins
Andrew McManus, viola and Michael Kaufman, cello
Haley Bang, flute and Isabel Kiu, clarinet
Megan Bledsoe, harp and Stephanie Titus, piano

Valse Descant, 1968 (3′) — Margaret Sutherland

  1. Allegro inquieto
  2. Lento e sostenuto
  3. Allegro ostinato

Darryl Coote, piano

Sonata, 1997 (8′) — Helen Gifford

  1. Allegro inquieto
  2. Lento e sostenuto
  3. Allegro ostinato

A Tribute to Marian McPartland (10′)

Ambiance, 1970
A Delicate Balance, 1972
In the Days of Our Love, 1979 (words by Peggy Lee)
There’ll Be Other Times, 1957 (words by Margaret Jones)

Karen Holvik, voice
Tony Caramia, piano

Nothing Forgotten, 1997 (10′) — Hilary Tann

Based on Jordan Smith’s A Lesson from the Hudson River School (1848)

  1. Andante maestoso “as if the granite were / some half-forgotten spirit”
  2. Allegretto “all the light caught forever in the pine boughs / bound between the stone and current”
  3. Andante recitativo-Larghetto flessibile “the mesh of branches, root, and sky”

Ruth Marie Ballance, violin
Jared Ballance, cello
Beata Golec, piano

from Try Me Good King: Last Words of the Wives of Henry VIII, 2001 (10′) — Libby Larsen

III. Jane Seymour
II. Anne Boleyn
V. Katherine Howard

Aubrie Willaert, soprano
Anne Kissel Harper, piano

from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (7′) — Amanda Jacobs & Lindsay Warren Baker

The Portrait Song, 2007
I Can’t Resist a Red Coat, 2004
Fine Eyes, 2002

Lindsay Warren Baker, vocal
Amanda Jacobs, piano

Wednesday’s Special Events

Thursday, March 27 — A Pipe Can Dream…

Schmitt Hall  |  Noon-1 p.m.


Poetry Reader: Wynne McClure, published by Foothills, Palettes & Quills, and Tamafyrhyr Poetry

Répons pour le Temps de Pâques, 1962-63 (7′) — Jeanne Demessieux

Edward Landin, organ

In Memoriam, 1995 (4′)— Jeanne Joulain

Randall Harlow, organ

Mirrors (3′) — Kaija Saariaho
Llef (3′) — Hilary Tann

Wires & Pipes Duo:
Sara Traficante, flute
Kirk Starkey, cello

from Cinq Choral Préludes pour Orgue op. 2*, 1995 (6′) — Margaretha Christina de Jong

Veni redemptor gentium
O filii et filiae

Eunyoung Kim, organ

Sonata in One Movement(7′)— Libby Larsen

Michael Unger, organ

Fantasy on a Red Wheel Barrow, 2007 (7′)— Megan Bledsoe

Megan A. Bledsoe, harp

Prelude for Organ: Elegy for Departed Friends, 2002 (6′) — Nancy Van de Vate

Brett Judson, organ

Opus I, 1921 (10′) (animated film by Walter Ruttmann) — music by Eryn Bauer

Deidre Huckabay, flute
Elizabeth Spector, oboe
Isabel Kim, clarinet
Eryn Bauer, bassoon
Sophia Goluses, French horn

Alba, 2000 (8′)— Marie Bernadette Dufourcet-Hakim

John A. Morabito, organ
Thursday’s Special Events

Friday, March 28 — I lost, I danced…

Eastman School of Music Main Hall  |  Noon-1 p.m.


Poetry Reader: Kitty Jospé, FL and ESOL Teacher, member of Just Poets, currently working on the MFA in Creative Writing- Poetry from Pacific University

Suite for French Horn, Tuba & Piano: Dancing with Myself*, 2008 — Barbara York

*World premiere

Andrew Smith, tuba
Gretchen Snedeker, horn

Lost Queens*, 2008 (5′) — Tonia Ko

*World premiere

Sarah Franz, voice
Stephania Romaniuk, voice
Fotina Naumenko, voice

Shade of Falling Leaves*, 2007 (8′) — Michaela Eremiasova

Video installation by Jean Detheux
*World premiere

The Eastman Triana:
Anyango Yarbo-Davenport, violin
Julianne Kirk, clarinet
Yin Zheng, piano

Night Dances, 1997 (8′) — Ruby Aspinall

  1. Twilight
  2. Moonlight
  3. Dying Night

Vanessa Young, harp

Variationen über ein Thema von Robert Schumann op. 20, 1853 (10′) — Clara Wieck Schumann

Jan Won Choi, piano

Ballad, 2007 (9′) — Erica Seguine

Nick Finzer, trombone
Hannah Picasso-Hobin and Neil Gopal, violins
Miriam Oddie, viola and Greta Parks, cello
Jeremy Siskind, piano
Jesse Breheney, bass and Dave Tedeschi, drumset

Sifting Through the Ruins*, 2005 (10′) — Libby Larsen

III. Don’t look for me anymore (from the “wailing wall” at Grand Central Station)
– Alicia Vasquez; September 14, 2001
IV. Untitled – Anonymous; text taken from photos by Martha Cooper of shrines and messages around NYC
V. Someone Passes – Texts taken from photos by Martha Cooper of shrines and messages around NYC and also by Ted Barrigan, posted near City Hall

Pamela Kurau, soprano
Melissa Matson, viola
Joseph Werner, piano

*The complete performance of Sifting Through the Ruins will get its Rochester premiere on Sunday, March 30 at 7:30 pm in the ChamberMusic@RochesterUnitarian Series. The concert, called “An Evening of Voice and Viola,” will be held at the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, 220 Winton Road.
Friday’s Special Events

Dr. Sylvie Beaudette, Festival Director
Tiffany Ng, Assistant Director

The 2008 Women in Music Festival and Nancy Van de Vate’s residency are sponsored by: The Hanson Institute for American Music at the Eastman School of Music; the departments of Chamber Music, Composition, Piano, Voice, and Woodwind-Brass-Percussions, as well as the Eastman All-Events Committee, and the Dean of the Eastman School of Music.