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Festival Concert Schedule and Repertoire

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Monday, March 22 at Noon – Life in perspective…

Main Hall

Guest poet:  Laura D. Nolasco, author of poetry cycle Ariadne of the Freezing Rains/Ariana de las lluvias heladas

“Špilberk” for two marimbas  (5’) – Carrie Magin
Tomasz Arnold & Carrie Magin, marimbas

Eight Doodles for Two Horns  (5’) – Mary Ann Tilford
    II. Frog Mountain Horn Call
    III. Water Used to Flow Here
    IV. Elephants Dancing
    VI. Hillbilly Horns
Mirella Gable & Sarah Sutherland, French horns

Baroque divas  (6’)
    Per la piu vaga e bella – Francesca Caccini
    Spesso per entro al petto – Barbara Strozzi
(both arranged by Arne Dørumsgaard)
Meredith Achey, soprano
David Fisk, piano

Psalm  (5’) – Grace Vamos
Andrew Barnhart, Lisa Caravan,
Abigail McHugh, Keiko Forrey-Ying, cellos

The Phoenix Cycle  (on text by Susan Morehead)  (10’) – Loretta Jankowski
    I. First Try
II. Rainstorm
III. Phoenix
Debra McKinney, soprano & Se-Hee Jin, piano

From Foldings(6’) – Hannah Lash
    Interstice:  Recall
Sean Connors, glockenspiel & found object tree

A Perspective  (10’) – Angelique Poteat
    I. Tabula Rosa
II. Numb
III. Symbiosis
Catherine Branch, flute; Katelyn Westergard, violin; Albert Kim, piano

Jazz has gotta be kept real  (6’)
    What Jazz Is – Whitney Marchelle
    God Bless the Child – Billie Holiday
Whitney Marchelle, voice & piano
Chris Northington, bass

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Tuesday, March 23 at Noon – Travel in your ears…

Nazareth College, Wilmot Hall

Guest poet:  Kathleen Nicastro, local poet, artist, writer of fiction, creative non-fiction, and owner/artist of studio art company The Alchemist of Sand

From Colors of Earth and Sea  (6’) – Kristen Shiner McGuire
    I. Sea
        Kristen Shiner McGuire, marimba

Toccata for solo piano  (6’) – Emma Lou Diemer
Elaine Vuong, piano

Three Songs  (7’) – Amy Beach
Take, O Take Those Lips Away  (William Shakespeare)
My Sweetheart and I  (Felix Bovet)
Ah, Love but a Day!  (Robert Browning)
Soo Yeon Kim, soprano & James Douthit, piano

Chanson et Passepied  (4’) – Jeanine Rueff
Kaillie Enser, saxophone & Linda Boianova, piano

Ba Ban  (8’) – Chen Yi
Beverly Smoker, piano

Sonata  (10’) – Erzsébet Szönyi

    Allegro con moto
    Vivace giocoso
Julia Shulman, double bass & Dina Volkova, piano

Four Miniatures for Orchestra  (5’) – Nancy Pettersen Strelau
Nazareth Chamber Orchestra
Nancy Strelau, conductor

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Tuesday, March 23 at 8:00 pm – All-Diemer Concert

Christ Church

Guest poet:  Iris Miller, has been published in various anthologies and literary journals, including Nimrod and The South Carolina Review

Little Suite for Organ (6’)
Randall Harlow, organ

Were You There (3’)
Jeff Kempskie, organ

Elegy for Organ Duet (10’)
Margaret Harper & Chelsea Barton, organ

Hymn to sing along:  Let Us Hope When Hope Seems Hopeless

Three Poems by Oscar Wilde  (10’)
    I. Under the rose-tree’s dancing shade
II. Could we dig up this long-buried treasure
III. Out of the mid-wood’s twilight

Choristers from Christ Church, Third Presbyterian, and
Lakeside Presbyterian
Stephen Kennedy, director
Elinor Freer, piano

Bell Song for guitar (5’)
Petar Kodzas, guitar

Dance, Dance my Heart  (5’)
Choristers from Christ Church, Third Presbyterian, and
Lakeside Presbyterian
Stephen Kennedy, director
Elinor Freer, piano
Annie Stevens, percussion

Valet will ich dir geben (St. Theodulph) (5′)
Ryan Enright, organ

Quartet on Themes by Howard Hanson (10’)– premiere
Carmen Lemoine, flute;
Maria Razka, violin
TBA, cello

Fantasie for organ (7’)
John Allegar, organ

(Hymns for audience to sing along)

AFTER THE PERFORMANCE.  (Wilder Hall, Christ Church)

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Wednesday, March 24 at Noon – When heart matters…

Miller Center Atrium

Guest poet: Pia Liptak, violinist and author of the poetry collection Tulips and Sycamore (2009)

From Lili (10’) – Amanda Jacobs & Lindsay Baker
Tableau One:  At Bellomont
Members of Eastman Opera Theater:
Lily:  Gabrielle Guidi
Society:  Helen Zhibing Huang, Alexander Turpin
Piano:  Gerald Lee

Smoke-Flowers Fall  (7’) – Tonia Ko
Yoshiko Arahata, piano

From I Never Saw Another Butterfly (10’) – Lori Laitman
The butterfly
    II. Yes, That’s the Way Things Are
    IV. The Garden
    V. Man Proposes, God Disposes
Michelle Murphy Debruyn, soprano
Amy Griffiths, saxophone

(Hear)t  (10’) – Rachel Seah
World premiere
I. Shards of Time
    II. Denial
    III. Chasing the wind
Graciela Arguedas & Monica Lee, piano

From love. songs (e.e. cummings)  (10’) – Jocelyn Hagen
I love you so much (most beautiful darling)
    V. I carry your heart
Eileen Strempel, soprano
Sylvie Beaudette, piano

Peace Country (8’) – Christine Donkin
Trees Dancing in the Wind
    II. Rain on the Window
    III. In Summer
    IV. Orange Lullaby
    V. Snowstorm
Christina Dinella  (#1-3) & Marissa Balonon-Rosen (#4-5), piano

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Thursday, March 25 at 12:15 – Soliloquies and dialogues…

Washington Square Series, First Universalist Church

Guest poet: Tricia Asklar is a lecturer in the English Department at Nazareth College and is published in numerous literary journals, most recently Poet Lore and Red Wheelbarrow.

Pièces en la mineur  (9’) – Mademoiselle Bocquet
I. Prélude
    II. Allemande
    III. Sarabande
    IV. Sarabande et autre façon
    V. La Polonoise
        Christopher Wilke, lute

From Sketches for Piano op. 15  (6’) – Amy Marcy Beach  (arr. by Beach)
    III.  Dreaming
Talia Dicker, cello & Lisa Raposa, piano

Gaia (6’) – Ellen Lindquist
Kisten Jermé, cello

Soliloquy for violin, cello & piano  (10’) – Shulamit Ran
Sini Virtanen, violin; Scott Lykins, cello; Eun Mi Ko, piano

Cowboy Songs  (7’) – Libby Larsen
    I. Bucking Bronco
    II. Lift Me Into Heaven Slowly
    III. Billy the Kid
        Glenda K. Brayman, soprano & Gordon Porth, piano

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Friday, March 26 at Noon – On wings of words…

Optics Performing Arts Series, Munnerlyn Atrium, Robert B. Goergen Hall for Biomedical Engineering and Optics, University of Rochester

Guest poet: Wanda Schubmehl, curator of the Genesee Reading Series for Writers and Books and clinical social worker

D’un matin de printemps  (5’) – Lili Boulanger
Yixuang Song, violin & Priscilla Yuen, piano

Kokopeli  (4’) – Katherine Hoover
Catherine Branch, flute

Two Lullabies  (10’) – Jocelyn Hagen
    I. My bed is a boat  (Robert Louis Stevenson)
    II. All the Pretty Horses (Traditional American)
Joy  (Sara Teasdale)
Eastman Women Chorus
Sarah Frook, conductor
Bryan Holten, piano & Heather Chan, violin

Caprice Finnois  (10’) – Johanna Eränkö
World premiere
        Sini Virtanen, violin

From Prelude, Allegro & Pastorale  (10’) – Rebecca Clarke
    I. Prelude
    II. Allegro
        Dana Huyge, viola & Dena Orkin, clarinet

Feng for Woodwind Quintet  (10’) – Chen Yi
    II. Rondo
Vasilia Winds:
Carmen Lemoine, flute
Euridice Alvarez, oboe
Victor Chavez, clarinet
Heather Wagner, bassoon
Leslie Hart, French horn

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