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Festival Concert Schedule and Repertoire

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Monday, March 23 – Of Places and Melodies…

Main Hall

Poet Kathleen Van Schaick, editor of Le Mot Juste 2008 and 2009, annual anthology of Just Poets

Musing on Mulierum: Anonymous Chant & Polyphony from a Medieval Spanish Convent (9’)
Alleluia. Inter natos mulierum
Three motets on Mulierum

        Anna Lenti, Thatcher Lyman, Emily Mills, & Michael Alan Anderson, voice

Between Realities, 2008 (10’) – Jennifer Bellor
I. Air and Angels
II. To sleep
III. Stars

Quinn Patrick, mezzo-soprano
Geoffrey Pope, conductor
Sara Ballance & Wendy Toh, violins; Andrew McManus, viola;
Michael Kaufman, cello; Gina Leija, flute; Adrian Sandi, clarinet;
Megan Bledsoe, harp; Gregory Millar, piano

Two Places, (9’) – Carrie Magin
I. American Rig
II. Germanic Air

Anyango Yarbo-Davenport, violin; Rebecca Hopkins, viola;
Andrew Barnhart, cello

Quatre mélodies (9’) – Cécile Chaminade
Viens, mon bien-aimé
Ma première lettre

Ke Chen, soprano
Lingyu Hsiao, piano

The Generation of Hope, (6’) – Eva Wasserman-Margolis
Ran Kampel, clarinet; Jeremy Rhizer & Lindsay Hills, violins;
Emily Leophard, viola; Cora Swensen, cello, Ben Crofut, double-bass

Afro-Cuban Concerto for Wind Quintet, (10’) – Valerie Coleman
Jina Park, flute; Alina Jeon, oboe; Nina Elhassan, clarinet;
Christina Dioguardi, bassoon; Sasani Ashworth, horn

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Tuesday, March 24 – Of Dance and Poetry…

Main Hall

Poetry reader: Poet Donna Marbach, founder and past president of Just Poets, Inc. and owner of Palettes & Quills, an independent poetry press

Classical Suite for Harp Alone, (10’) – Lynne Palmer
I. Prelude
III. Sarabande
IV. Courante
V. Gigue

Rachel Miller, harp

Lament and Caprice, (5’) – Grace Vamos
Lisa Caravan & Abigail McHugh, cellos

Three Flower Songs, Op. 31, 1894 (5’) – Amy Beach
    I. The Clover
II. The Yellow Daisy
III. The Bluebell

Sarah Frook, Kathryn Hylton, Deanna Joseph, Laura Petravage, voice

Dancing Solo, (7’) – Libby Larsen
II. Eight to the bar
IV. Flat out

Sandra Herrera, clarinet

Four Preludes for Piano, (9’) – Ruth Crawford
Lisa Raposa, piano

From Four Sonnets by Pablo Neruda, Vol. II, 2008 (8’) – Judith Cloud
Sonnet XXV: Your hand flew from my eyes
Sonnet LXX: Maybe, though I do not bleed

        Eileen Strempel, soprano & Sylvie Beaudette, piano

Snow Dreams, 1983  (9’) – Joan Tower
Carmen Lemoine, flute
Jeff Miller, guitar

Piano Trio op. 17 in g minor, 1847  (6’) – Clara Wieck Schumann
IV. Allegretto

Ruth Marie Balance, violin; Jared Balance, cello; Doleen Hood, piano

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Wednesday, March 25 – All-Zaimont Concert: FOUR SEASONS

Main Hall

Poetry reader: Anne Coon, Professor Emeritus from RIT and the author of several books, including three books of poetry: Daedalus’ Daughter, Via del Paradiso, and Henry James Sat Here


From Zones, Piano Trio #2, 1994

Anyango Yarbo-Davenport, violin
Andrew Barnhart, cello
Tatiana Vassilieva, piano


From Calendar Collection, 1976
September: The Winds Arise
October: Autumn Thoughts
November: Secret Thunder

Narae Joo, piano

From Life Cycle
They Were Women Then, 1997
Housewife, 2008 –
Eastman’s Women Chorus
Susan Conkling, director
Crystl Baltazar, piano


From Calendar Collection, 1976
December: Sleighride
January: Fanfare for The Year
February The Ice Melts Slowly, Slowly

Liu Liu, piano

From Lamentation, 1982
Ashes are the Bread I eat
Korin Kormick, mezzo-soprano
Crystl Baltazar, piano


From Calendar Collection, 1976
March: The Winds Depart
April: Recitative – The First Bird-Song
May: The May-fly

Futaba Niekawa, piano

Astral… a mirror life on the astral plane,  (8’) – Judith Lang Zaimont
premiere of violin version
Anyango Yarbo-Davenport, violin


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Thursday, March 26 – Of Colors & Shadows…

Schmitt Organ Recital Hall

Poetry reader: Poet Andrea Weinstein, also Sr. Director of Academic Advancement at the University of Rochester

Chromatic Partita for Organ, (10’) – Ruth Watson Henderson
Ryan Enright, organ

Ode to Odessa, (6’) – Eva Wasserman-Margolis
Elinor Rufeizen, clarinet

The Women in Music Festival remembers koto player Ryuko Mitsutani (5’)
DVD presentation

Facing the World (7’) Rachel Seah
World premiere –
I. Emergence
II. Encounter
III. Exploration
IV. Enigma
V. Empathy
VI. Epilogue/Embrace

David Warren, clarinet

Sonata Prima per il Cembalo, (9’) – Maria Teresa Agnesi Pinottini


Ulrika Davidsson, clavichord

Astral… a mirror life on the astral plane, (8’) – Judith Lang Zaimont
Julianne Kirk, clarinet

Lullaby, (3’) – Rebecca Clarke
Ruth Marie Balance, violin & Jared Balance, cello

Two Short Movies by Lotte Reiniger – Music by Jennifer Bellor & Elizabeth Kelly
    The Secret of the Marquise, 1922 (2.5’) – Bellor
The Secret of the Marquise, 1922 (2.5’) – Kelly
The Ornament of the Love-Struck Heart, 1919 (2.5’) – Bellor
The Ornament of the Love-Struck Heart, 1919 (2.5’) – Kelly

        Andrew Lieberman, saxophone; Brian Heveron-Smith, vibraphone


Pent, 2009 (5’) – Elizabeth A. Kelly
Joosoo Son, organ

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Friday, March 27 – Of Wonders and Wondering…

(in memory of Eastman student Gretchen Snedeker)
Main Hall

Poetry reader: Poet Karla Linn Merrifield, 2009 Everglades National Park Artist-in-Residence and poetry editor, Blue Ocean Institute’s Sea Stories

On the Edge of the Mountains (5’) – Erica Seguine
Jamie Jordan, voice
Mike Pendowski, flute; Hannah Picasso-Hobin, & Jeremy Rhizor, violins;
Miriam Oddie, viola; Jamie Clarke, cello; Geoff Saunders, bass

Variations on “Happy Birthday to You”, (5’) – Yoshiko Arahata
        Yoshiko Arahata, piano

From String Poetic (5’) – Jennifer Higdon
III. Blue Hills of Mist
Rebeca Boyd, violin; Howard Spindler, piano

“Sanjo” for Solo Harp, (5’) – YieEun Chun
        Hillary Schefter, harp

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, 1991 – rev. 2008(9’) –    Misook Kim
Movements III to X

        Carolyn Hart, soprano; Jennifer Oh-Brown, flute & Misook Kim, piano

Sonnets from the Portuguese, (9’) – Flicka Rahn
VI. Go from me
XXIX. I think of thee
XLIII. How do I love thee

Ashley Stone, soprano; Ashley Garofalo, piano

Sobre Desertos e Flores, (5’) – Lourdes Saraiva
Danças Brasileiras, (6’) – Maria Ignes Cruz de Mello

Catarina Leite Domenici-Piano, piano

Love after 1950, 2000 (10’) – Libby Larsen
Boy’s Lips (a blues)
Blond Men (a torch song)
Big Sister Says 1967 (a honky tonk)

Katherine Cowdrick, mezzo-soprano
Alisa Curlee, piano

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