Academic Opportunities at Eastman/Rochester

Eastman students have a wide range of opportunities to pursue academic interests, both at the Eastman campus and the main campus of the University of Rochester.  At a minimum, all students will need to meet the humanities requirement of the Bachelor of Music degree (24 credits, or one course each semester for 8 semesters).  These courses can be taken within Eastman’s own Humanities Department, whose full-time faculty fosters a rich liberal arts education that supports Eastman students’ professional aspirations.  

In addition, many Eastman students also choose from a myriad of academic options at the College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering.  The College, located at the University’s River Campus, offers multiple academic departments offering numerous undergraduate majors and minors. 

Any Eastman student can enroll in courses at the College, whether to fulfill a Humanities/Sciences requirement as an elective course, or to complete an academic minor.

Through a selective process, some Eastman students are also able to add the Musical Arts major, participate in the Take Five Scholars Program, or e5, formerly the Kauffman Entrepreneurial Year (KEY) program.


Academic Minors & Electives

Eastman students are eligible to register for any courses offered at the University of Rochester for which they are qualified. No additional application is necessary. Eastman students also may pursue a minor field of study at the College. In most cases, these courses count toward the humanities and science requirements for the BM degree at Eastman. Popular choices include psychology, foreign language, audio & music engineering, brain & cognitive science, business, international relations, political science, economics, and mathematics.

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Musical Arts major

The Musical Arts major (MUA) is an honors curriculum that enables students to craft an individualized program of study, undertaken in consultation with a faculty committee and an appointed MUA Mentor and MUA Advisor that leads to a senior project.  These programs of study may be wide-ranging and possibly cross-disciplinary, and are generally not possible within the structured requirements of other majors at Eastman.  This degree is intended for exceptional students who possess not only strong musical and intellectual abilities, but also the motivation and self-direction to succeed in the senior project.

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Take Five Scholars Program

The University of Rochester’s Take Five Scholars Program provides undergraduate students the opportunity to pursue a special academic interest outside of their major that might not otherwise be available to them. Qualified students will be granted either one or two tuition-free terms at the end of degree study to take courses that significantly broaden their programs of study, yet are connected to the student’s intellectual and educational goals. Eastman students apply to the Take Five Scholars Program in their junior year through the Center for Academic Support at the University of Rochester’s River Campus.

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e5, formerly the Kauffman Entrepreneurial Year (KEY) program

The University of Rochester defines entrepreneurship as “transforming an idea into an enterprise that generates value,” implying that the enterprise outlives the creator and that it positively affects others. Qualified students may propose to devote as much as an entire academic year to internships, special projects, relevant coursework, business plan development, research into various facets of entrepreneurship, or analysis of how culture and public policy influence entrepreneurial activity.

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