Special Programs

Arts Leadership Program

The goal of the Arts Leadership Program (ALP) is to make a seamless transition from formal education to the working world. The ALP prepares Eastman students for a rapidly changing musical culture and an increasingly competitive marketplace by integrating career advising with professional curricula and real world professional opportunities. Intensive, one-on-one advising helps participants within the Arts Leadership Program coordinate courses, find internships/externships, create independent study plans, meet with potential mentors and discover opportunities that complement their intended career paths.  The ALP recognizes that success as a professional musician requires more than superb technique and artistry: success also requires entrepreneurial savvy, strong communication skills, fluency with emerging technologies, commitment to audience education, and public advocacy for music and the arts. Moreover, the future health and growth of our musical culture relies on the energy and imagination of the next generation of musicians and artists.

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Dual Degrees and Double Majors

The Eastman School allows the development of individualized dual degree and double major programs at the graduate level. Such programs, for example, may combine performance with an academic area of specialty or with conducting, composition, or music education. Students contemplating a double major or dual degree should expect to augment significantly the minimum number of courses for the single major or single degree program.

Dual-degree or double major programs normally are formed after the student has been accepted to, and has begun study, in one major or degree. Once a graduate student has begun a single major or degree program at Eastman, approval for a double major is obtained from the Graduate Office. A student interested in adding a second degree must apply through the Office of Admissions. Admission is based on the highest recommendations from all departments involved.

Eastman’s unique resources permit strong majors in a broad spectrum of fields of graduate study. Qualified students may pursue a combination PhD and DMA degree program. The PhD program normally will have a major in theory or musicology, combined with a DMA program in performance and literature.

Advanced Certificate in College and/or Community Music Teaching
The new Certificate in College and/or Community Music Teaching Program provides graduate students in applied music with opportunities to improve their teaching skills under the supervision of established teachers through coursework, seminars, and internships. This is not a stand-alone program; rather, it is to be undertaken in conjunction with an Eastman graduate degree. Increasingly, as part of the interview process, candidates for faculty positions are asked specifically to demonstrate their teaching skills and to address issues of teaching and learning. The Certificate in College and/or Community Music Teaching curriculum is designed to prepare students to become more effective teachers.

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