Chamber Music Ensembles

Grades 6–Adult
Day & Time: To be determined based on students’ availability
Room assignments will be provided by coach
Tuition G
This is a yearlong course divided into two semesters. Spring semester will be automatically re-registered unless written notification is received by December 1.


View audition requirements here

Advanced Chamber Ensembles* will perform at NYSSMA Lever 6 or equivalent. There are a limited number of achievement scholarships available at this advanced level, and ensembles will be expected to perform at ECMS and other community events throughout the school year.

Most advanced ensembles are open to violin, viola, cello, piano

Intermediate Chamber Ensembles* will perform at NYSSMA Level 4-5 or equivalent. Intermediate ensembles are expected to perform in ECMS programs at least twice each year.

Most intermediate ensembles will be open to violin, viola, and cello only.

We welcome pre-formed groups and adults who are interested in chamber music!

View audition requirements for our chamber music program here

Preformed groups are welcome without submitting an audition recording. Please contact Chamber Music Coordinator, Yifei Li at

*Because students are placed into groups by level, there is no guarantee that all students will be placed in a chamber music group each semester. Please note that registration is not complete until the groups have been formed and approved by the chamber music coordinator.

cham·ber mu·sic

/ˈCHāmbər ˌmyo͞ozik/


  1. Instrumental music played by a small ensemble, with one player to a part.
  2. The name Chamber Music originates from hundreds of years back when smaller groups of musicians performed in smaller places in palaces, or “chambers”.
  3. Working together: Chamber Music is about collaboration.  While each voice is important, it is how the players come together that creates something beautiful.
  4. Commitment: There is only one player per part.   Each player makes a commitment to their group to always be on time and be prepared.  There is only one player per part, and each part is exceedingly important.  
  5. Chamber Music is fun! Though playing chamber music requires special skills, musicians love playing it and often get together to play just for fun.
  6. Along with developing great friendships and learning new skills on your instrument, you will be performing the greatest music ever written.

Meet our Chamber Music Coaches:


Yifei Li  coordinator

Wilfredo Deglans

Elinor Freer


Joan Kinsella

Janet Milnes

Lara Sipols

Roberta Zalkind

How to Register

All students: ECMS Registration Form 

Paper registration forms available upon request: (585) 274-1400

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