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Adams, Kyle Musical Texture and Formal Instability in Post-Millennial Popular Music: Two Case Studies 2019 33 HTML
Adrian, Jack The Function of the Apparent Tonic at the Beginning of Development Sections 1991 5 PDF
Agawu, Kofi Embracing the Non-West 2000-01 14/15 PDF
Agawu, Kofi Review of Death in Winterreise: Musico-Poetic Associations in Schubert’s Song Cycle, by Lauri Suurpää, 2014 2014-15 28/29 PDF
Alegant, Brian Inside the Cadenza of Schoenberg’s Piano Concerto 2002-03 16/17 PDF
Alegant, Brian Reconsidering Debussy’s Bruyères 2016 30 PDF
Alphonce, Bo Review of Generalized Musical Intervals and Transformations, by David Lewin, 1987 1988 2 PDF
Alphonce, Bo Review of Musical Form and Transformation: 4 Analytic Essays, by David Lewin, 1994 1994 8 PDF
Amarosa, Leah Unveiling the Signifiers of Rain in John Adams’s China Gates 2023 36 HTML
Anson-Cartwright, Mark Haydn’s Homage to Mozart: Echoes of “Voi che spate” in Opus 64, No. 3 2000-01 14/15 PDF
Argentino, Joe Serialism and Neo-Riemannian Theory: Transformations and Hexatonic Cycles in Schoenberg’s “Modern Psalm,” Op. 50c 2012 26 PDF
Au, Hiu-Wah The Prolongation Function of Secondary-Key Variations in Brahms’s Variations for Four Hands on a Theme of Robert Schumann, Op. 23 2011 25 PDF
Auerbach, Brent Techniques for the Functional Classification of Two-Chord Sequences 2013 27 PDF
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BaileyShea, Matthew Wagner’s Loosely Knit Sentences and the Drama of Musical Form 2002-03 16/17 PDF
Bakulina, Ellen Proto-Harmony and the Problem of Tonal Centricity in Rachmaninoff’s All-Night Vigil 2018 32 HTML
Barry, Christopher M. Being, Becoming, and Death in Twelve-Tone Music: “Wie bin ich froh!” as Epitaph 2014-15 28/29 PDF
Beach, David Motivic Repetition in Beethoven’s Piano Sonata Op. 110, Part I: The First Movement 1987 1 PDF
Beach, David Motivic Repetition in Beethoven’s Piano Sonata Op. 110, Part II: The Trio of the Second Movement and the Adagio and Arioso 1988 2 PDF
Beach, David The Initial Movements of Mozart’s Piano Sonatas K.280 and K.332: Some Striking Similarities 1994 8 PDF
Beach, David Reflections on Intégral: Its Inception and Early years 1997 11 PDF
Berry, David Carson Dynamic Introductions: The Affective Role of Melodic Ascent and Other Linear Devices in Selected Song Verses of Irving Berlin 1999 13 PDF
Berry, David Carson Review of Advanced Schenkerian Analysis: Perspectives on Phrase Rhythm, Motive, and Form, by David Beach, 2012 2012 26 PDF
Biamonte, Nicole Variations on a Scheme: Bach’s “Crucifixus” and Chopin’s and Scriabin’s E-minor Preludes 2012 26 PDF
Black, Brian The Functions of Harmonic Motives in Schubert’s Sonata Forms 2009 23 PDF
Block, Steven Review of Sound Color, by Wayne Slawson, 1985 1987 1 PDF
Block, Steven Review of Ear Training for Twentieth-Century Music, by Michael L. Friedmann, 1991 1991 5 PDF
Boretz, Benjamin Thinking About Theory, Theories, and “the Musical” in Music 2000-01 14/15 PDF
Boss, Jack The “Musical Idea” and Global Coherence in Schoenberg’s Atonal and Serial Music 2000-01 14/15 PDF
Boss, Jack Presentation of “Musical Idea” through Tetrachord Exchanges and Rhythmic/Metric Correspondences in the Intermezzo and Gavotte of Schoenberg’s Suite for Piano, Op. 25 2013 27 PDF
Boyd, Michael Integrating Opposites: Iannis Xenakis’s Charisma for Clarinet and Cello 2023 36 HTML
Braunschweig, Karl Rhetorical Types of Phrase Expansion in the Music of J.S. Bach 2004-05 18/19 PDF
Bribitzer-Stull, Matthew Die Geheimnisse der Form bei Richard Wagner: Structure and Drama as Elements of Wagnerian Form 2016 30 PDF
Bribitzer-Stull, Matthew, and Robert Gauldin Hearing Wagner in Till Eulenspiegel: Strauss’s Merry Pranks Reconsidered 2007 27 PDF
Brinkman, Alexander R. Review of Microcomputers and Music, by Gary E. Wittlich, John W. Schaffer, and Larry R. Babb, 1986 1987 1 PDF
Brown, Matthew Review of Remaking the Past: Musical Modernism and the Influence of the Tonal Tradition, by Joseph N. Straus, 1990 1991 5 PDF
Brown, Matthew Rothstein’s Paradox and Neumeyer’s Fallacies 1998 12 PDF
Brown, Matthew Music Theory, Music Cognition, and “The Case of Iguanodon’s Thumb” 2000-01 14/15 PDF
Brown, Matthew Composing with Prototypes: Charting Debussy’s L’Isle joyeuse 2004-05 18/19 PDF
Brown, Matthew C. P. E. Bach, Schenker, Improvisation, and Composition 2010 24 PDF
Brown, Matthew, and Douglas Dempster Review of Style and Music: Theory, History, and Ideology, by Leonard B. Meyer, 1989 1992 6 PDF
Brown, Matthew, and John Koslovsky The Contrapuntal Legacy of the French fin-de-siècle: A Look at Dukas’s Piano Sonata in E-flat 2016 30 PDF
Brown, Stephen C. Tracing the Origins of Shostakovich’s Musical Motto 2006 20 PDF
Buchler, Michael Are There Any Bad (or Good) Transformational Analyses? 2016 30 PDF
Butler, David Review of Shaping Time: Music, the Brain, and Performance, by David Epstein, 1995 1996 10 PDF
Byros, Vasili Mozart’s Vintage Corelli: The Microstory of a Fonte-Romanesca 2017 31 PDF
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Cadwallader, Allen Prolegomena to a General Description of Motivic Relationships in Tonal Music 1988 2 PDF
Callahan, Michael Improvising Motives: Applications of Michael Wiedeburg’s Pedagogy of Modular Diminutions 2010 24 PDF
Callender, Clifton Interactions of the Lamento Motif and Jazz Harmonies in Györgi Ligeti’s Arc-en-ciel 2007 21 PDF
Capuzzo, Guy Review of The Music of Elliott Carter, Second Edition, by David Schiff, 1998 1999 13 PDF
Carey, Christian Arnold Whittall and the Perils of Transcontinental Serialism (Review Article of Serialism, by Arnold Whittall, 2008) 2009 23 PDF
Carey, Norman Review of Music in the Mirror: Reflections on the History of Music Theory and Literature for the Twenty-First Century, edited by Andreas Giger and Thomas J. Mathiesen, 2002 2004-05 18/19 PDF
Carson, Sean H. The Trace, Its Relation to Contour Theory, and an Application to Carter’s String Quartet No. 2 2004-05 18/19 PDF
Cherlin, Michael Review of Composition with Pitch-Classes, by Robert D. Morris, 1987 1988 2 PDF
Cherlin, Michael Thoughts on Poetry and Music, on Rhythms in Emily Dickinson’s “The World Feels Dusty” and Aaron Copland’s Setting of It 1991 5 PDF
Cherlin, Michael Three Challenges for Music Theory in Our Time 2000-01 14/15 PDF
Christensen, Thomas Music Theory and the Mainstream 2000-01 14/15 PDF
Cinnamon, Howard New Observations on Voice Leading, Hemiola, and their Roles in Tonal and Rhythmic Structures in Chopin’s Preludes in B Minor, Op. 28 No. 6 1992 6 PDF
Clampitt, David Ramsey Theory, Unary Transformations, and Webern’s Op. 5, No. 4 1999 13 PDF
Cohn, Richard A. Metric and Hypermetric Dissonance in the Menuetto of Mozart’s Symphony in G Minor, K. 550 1992 6 PDF
Cone, Edward T. Brahms: Songs with Words and Songs Without Words 1987 1 PDF
Cook, Nicholas Revisiting the Future 2000-01 14/15 PDF
Cook, Scott Alexander, and John Roeder Triadic Transformations and Parsimonious Voice Leading in the Music of Gavin Bryars 2006 20 PDF
Cross, Ian Music(s), Science(s), and Post-Positivist Pluralities 2000-01 14/15 PDF
Cubero, Diego Blurred Harmonies in Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms 2022 35 HTML
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Darcy, Warren A Wagnerian Ursatz; or, Was Wagner a Background Composer After All? 1990 4 PDF
Decker, Gregory J. Strategies for Opposition, Ambiguity, and “Amarilli” in the Seconda Pratica Italian Madrigal 2014-15 28/29 PDF
Dempster, Douglas, and Matthew Brown Review of Style and Music: Theory, History, and Ideology, by Leonard B. Meyer, 1989 1992 6 PDF
Dobos, Lora Gingerich Transformations of BACH in Webern’s Op. 16 No. 4 1996 10 PDF
Doerksen, John F. Comparing Collections of Set-Classes: Indexes in Forte’s Genera Theory 1999 13 PDF
Duerksen, Marva Schenker’s Organicism Revisited 2008 22 PDF
Dunsby, Jonathan Grim Reapings Theorizing Untheory 2014-15 28/29 PDF
Dunsby, Jonathan Review of Performing Knowledge: Twentieth-Century Music in Analysis and Performance, by Daphne Leong, Oxford University Press, 2019 2020 34 HTML
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Ferrandino, Matthew Multi-Centric Complexes in Pop-Rock Music 2022 35 HTML
Folio, Cynthia Analysis and Performance: A Study in Contrasts 1993 7 PDF
Forte, Allen Music Theory: Today and Tomorrow 2000-01 14/15 PDF
Franck, Peter Canon and Its Effect on Tight-Knit Organization within Classical Themes 2012 26 PDF
Franck, Peter Structural Framing and Its Interaction with Linkage Technique 2016 30 PDF
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Gagné, David Review of Unfoldings, by Carl Schachter, 1999 1999 13 PDF
Galand, Joel Formenlehre Revived (Review-Essay on William Caplin’s Classical Form: A Theory of Formal Functions for the Instrumental Music of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven, 1998) 1999 13 PDF
Galand, Joel Review of Analysis Through Composition: Principles of the Classical Style, by Nicholas Cook, 1996 2000-01 14/15 PDF
Gauldin, Robert Beethoven’s Interrupted Tetrachord and the Seventh Symphony 1991 5 PDF
Gauldin, Robert Review of Analyzing Fugue: A Schenkerian Approach, by William Renwick, 1995 1995 9 PDF
Gauldin, Robert New Twists for Old Endings: Cadenza and Apotheosis in the Romantic Piano Concerto 2004-05 18/19 PDF
Gauldin, Robert, and Matthew Bribitzer-Stull Hearing Wagner in Till Eulenspiegel: Strauss’s Merry Pranks Reconsidered 2007 21 PDF
Gillespie, Jeffrey L. Motivic Transformations and Networks in Schoenberg’s “Nacht” from Pierrot Lunaire 1992 6 PDF
Gjerdingen, Robert O. Meter as a Mode of Attending: A Network Simulation of Attentional Rhythmicity in Music 1989 3 PDF
Gjerdingen, Robert O. Review of Harmonic Function in Chromatic Music: A Renewed Dualist Theory and an Account of Its Precedents, by Daniel Harrison, 1994 1995 9 PDF
Goldenberg, Yosef When and How are Modulations Diatonic? 2018 32 HTML
Gollin, Edward T. Sum Unusual Transformations in Bartók’s “Minor Seconds, Major Sevenths” 1998 12 PDF
Gollin, Edward On Bartók’s Comparative Musicology as a Resource for Bartókian Analysis 2008 22 PDF
Gollin, Edward Music and Text: A Review Essay on David Lewin’s Morgengruß: Text, Context, Commentary, edited by David Bard-Schwarz and Richard Cohn, 2015 2017 31 PDF
Gotham, Mark Old Sources in new Sauces: John Joubert and the Analysis of Ancient Materials in Modern Music 2023 36 HTML
Grabócz, Márta A. J. Gremias’s Narrative Grammar and the Analysis of Sonata Form 1998 12 PDF
Grabócz, Márta Stylistic Evolution in Mozart’s Symphonic Slow Movements: The Discursive-Passionate Schema (In English Translation) 2006 20 PDF
Green, Douglass M. Review of A Practical Approach to Eighteenth-Century Counterpoint, by Robert Gauldin, 1988 1989 3 PDF
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Harrison, Daniel Review of Playing with Signs: A Semiotic Interpretation of Classical Music, by V. Kofi Agawu, 1991 1992 6 PDF
Harrison, Daniel A Story, An Apologia, and A Survey 2000-01 14/15 PDF
Hatten, Robert S. Schubert the Progressive: The Role of Resonance and Gesture in the Piano Sonata in A, D. 959 1993 7 PDF
Hatten, Robert S. A New Frontier for Music Theorists 2000-01 14/15 PDF
Heetderks, David Semitonal Succession-Classes in Prokofiev’s Music and Their Influence on Diatonic Voice-leading Backgrounds in the Op. 94 Scherzo 2013 27 PDF
Hook, Julian David Lewin and the Complexity of the Beautiful (Review Article of Generalized Musical Intervals and Transformations and Musical Form and Transformation: 4 Analytic Essays, by David Lewin, reprinted 2007) 2007 21 PDF
Hook, Julian L., and David Neumeyer Review of Analysis of Tonal Music: A Schenkerian Approach, by Allen Cadwallaer and David Gagné, 1998 1997 11 PDF
Horlacher, Gretchen Review of Meter as Rhythm, by Christopher Hasty, 1997 1997 11 PDF
Horlacher, Gretchen Multiple Meters and Metrical Processes in the Music of Steve Reich 2000-01 14/15 PDF
Hubbs, Nadine Review of A Guide to Schenkerian Analysis, by David Neumeyer and Susan Tepping, 1992 1993 7 PDF
Hudson, Stephen S. Review of Making Sense of Recordings: How Cognitive Processing of Recorded Sound Works, by Mads Walther-Hansen, Oxford University Press, 2020 2022 35 HTML
Hunt, Graham The Three-Key Trimodular Block and its Classical Precedents: Sonata Expositions of Schubert and Brahms 2009 23 PDF
Hunt, Graham G. Review of Formal Functions in Perspective, edited by Steven Vande Moortele, Julie Pedneault-Deslauriers, and Nathan John Martin, 2015 2017 31 PDF
Hutchinson, Kyle Pendular Thirds and Pentatonic Parallelisms: Intersecting Black Vernacular and neo-Romantic Idioms in the Second Movement of Florence Price’s Piano Sonata in E minor 2023 36 HTML
Hyde, Martha Review of The Music of Ruth Crawford Seeger, by Joseph Straus, 1995 1998 12 PDF
Hynes-Tawa, Liam Review of Hearing Homophony: Tonal Expectation at the Turn of the Seventeenth Century, by Megan Kaes Long, Oxford University Press, 2020 2020 34 HTML
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Ito, John Paul Review of Brahms and the Shaping of Time, ed. Scott Murphy, University of Rochester Press, 2018 2019 33 HTML
Iverson, Jennifer Open Access Meets Critical Disability Studies 2019 33 HTML
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Jenkins, J. Daniel “Im Zusammenhang des Zwölftonwegs sprechen”: Reconsidering Pitch-class Sets in Schoenberg’s Atonal Music 2016 30 PDF
Jakubowski, Joseph R. Embodied Form in Grisey’s Prologue: Variation, Opposition, Tension 2020 34 HTML
Jones, Evan Dynamics and Dissonance: The Implied Harmonic Theory of J.J. Quantz 2016 30 PDF
Judd, Cristle Collins The Dialogue of Past and Present: Approaches to Historical Music Theory 2000-01 14/15 PDF
K Back to top
Kaplan, Richard A. Transpositionally Invariant Subsets: A New Set-subcomplex Relation 1990 4 PDF
Keep, Dave The Voice of Enigma: Intertextuality in “Im wunderschönen Monat Mai” 2023 36 HTML
Kinderman, William Review of The “Galitzin” Quartets of Beethoven, by Daniel K. L. Chua, 1995 1996 10 PDF
Klumpenhouwer, Henry The Inner and Outer Automorphisms of Pitch-Class Inversion and Transposition: Some Implications for Analysis with Klumpenhouwer Networks 1998 12 PDF
Klumpenhouwer, Henry History and Structure in Richard Cohn’s Audacious Euphony 2011 25 PDF
Koivisto, Tiina Aspects of Motion in Elliott Carter’s Second String Quartet 1996 10 PDF
Komaniecki, Robert Vocal Pitch in Rap Flow 2020 34 HTML
Korsyn, Kevin Schenker’s Organicism Reexamined 1993 7 PDF
Koslovsky, John Tracing the Improvisatory Impulse in Early Schenkerian Theory 2010 24 PDF
Koslovsky, John, and Matthew Brown The Contrapuntal Legacy of the French fin-de-siècle: A Look at Dukas’s Piano Sonata in E-flat 2016 30 PDF
Krebs, Harald Review of A Reader’s Guide to the Chopin Preludes, by Jeffrey Kresky, 1994 1997 11 PDF
Kurth, Richard Review of An Introduction to the Music of Milton Babbitt, by Andrew Mead, 1994 1994 8 PDF
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Lai, Hei-Yeung (John) Counterpoint and Formative Process in ’Are’are Cyclic Panpipe Music 2023 36 HTML
Laitz, Steven Review of Poetry into Song: Performance and Analysis of Lieder, by Deborah Stein and Robert Spillman, 1996 1995 9 PDF
Lambert, J. Philip Ives’s “Piano Drum” Chords 1989 3 PDF
Laroche, Guillaume Striking Similarities: Toward a Quantitative Measure of Melodic Copyright Infringement 2011 25 PDF
Laufer, Ed On the Fantasy 1988 2 PDF
Lavacek, Justin Contrapuntal Ingenuity in the Motets of Machaut 2014-15 28/29 PDF
Lefkowitz, David Perspectives on Order, Disorder, Combinatoriality, and Tonality in Schoenberg’s Opus 33a and 33b Piano Pieces 1997 11 PDF
Leong, Daphne Kaleidoscopic Symmetries: Time and Pitch Relations in Conlon Nancarrow’s Tango? 2002-03 16/17 PDF
Leong, Daphne Fantasia’s Rite of Spring as Multimedia: A Critique of Nicholas Cook’s Analysis 2002-03 16/17 PDF
Lewin, David Conditions Under Which, in a Commutative GIS, Two 3-Element Sets Can Span the Same Assortment of GIS-Intervals; Notes on the Non-Commutative GIS in This Connection 1997 11 PDF
Lewin, David All Possible GZ-Related 4-Element Pairs of Sets, in All Possible Commutative Groups, Found and Categorized 2000-01 14/15 PDF
Lewis, Christopher Text, Time, and Tonic: Aspects of Patterning in the Romantic Cycle 1988 2 PDF
Lidov, David Musical Semiotics—Science, Letters, or Art? 1996 10 PDF
Lipscomb, Scott D. Modeling Multimedia Cognition: A Review of Nicholas Cook’s Analysing Musical Multimedia 2002-03 16/17 PDF
Lochhead, Judy Music Theory as Knowledge Building 2000-01 14/15 PDF
Lochhead, Judy Coloring the Future: Visualizing Music in the Digital Era 2019 33 HTML
Loft, Abram The Larger View 1987 1 PDF
Lopez, Gerardo Review of The Art of Post-Tonal Analysis: Thirty-Three Graphic Music Analyses, by Joseph N. Straus, 2022 2023 36 HTML
Lucas, Olivia Review of Musical Agency and the Social Listener, by Cora Palfy, 2021 2023 36 HTML
Lumsden, Rachel Review of Laurel Parsons and Brenda Ravenscroft, eds., Analytical Essays on Music by Women Composers: Concert Music 1960-2000, Oxford University Press, 2006 2018 32 HTML
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MacKay, James S. “Unloosing the Gordian Knot”: Sonata Theory, Form-Functional Analysis, and Becoming in Joseph Haydn’s String Quartet, op. 64, no. 2, I 2023 36 HTML
Mak, Su Yin String Theory: An Ethnographic Study of a Professional Quartet in Hong Kong 2016 30 PDF
Maler, Anabel Listening to Phrase Structure and Formal Function in Post-Tonal Music 2022 35 HTML
Marion, Gregory J. Inciting Transformational Insights 1995 9 PDF
Marvin, Elizabeth West Robert Wason: A Tribute and Dedication 2010 24 PDF
Marvin, Elizabeth West, and Marie Rolf Analytical Issues and Interpretive Decisions in Two Songs by Richard Strauss 1990 4 PDF
Marvin, William M. Review of A Topical Guide to Schenkerian Literature: An Annotated Bibliography with Indices, by David Carson Berry, 2004, and Heinrich Schenker: A Guide to Research, by Benjamin McKay Ayotte, 2004 2006 20 PDF
Marvin, William M. Review of Wagner’s Parsifal: Studies in Musical Genesis, Structure, and Interpretation, by William Kinderman, 2013 2014-15 28/29 PDF
Marvin, William M. Online Publication: Reflections on the Recent Past, Possibilities for the Near Future 2019 33 PDF
McClelland, Ryan Metric Dissonance in Brahms’s Piano Trio in C Minor, Op. 101 2006 20 PDF
McCreless, Patrick Reading Schenker’s Kontrapunkt 1989 3 PDF
McGowan, James Riemann’s Functional Framework for Extended Jazz Harmony 2010 24 PDF
Mead, Andrew Twelve-Tone Organizational Strategies: An Analytical Sampler 1989 3 PDF
Mead, Andrew Review of The Twelve-Note Music of Anton Webern: Old Forms in a New Language, by Kathryn Bailey, 1991 1992 6 PDF
Mead, Andrew The “Sweet Spot”: What Composing Has Taught Me about Teaching Theory 2000-01 14/15 PDF
Milius, Emily Review of A Blaze of Light in Every Word: Analyzing the Popular Singing Voice, by Victoria Malawey, Oxford University Press, 2020 2022 35 HTML
Monahan, Seth Negative Catharsis as Rotational Telos in Mahler’s First Kindertotenlied 2014-15 28/29 PDF
Morgan, Alexander Renaissance Ternary Suspensions in Theory and Practice 2019 33 HTML
Morris, Robert D. Some Compositional and Analytical Applications of T-Matrices 1989 3 PDF
Morris, Robert D. The Structure of First-Species Canon in Modal, Tonal and Atonal Musics 1995 9 PDF
Morris, Robert D. Autocommentary: Thoughts on Music Theory at the Millenium 2000-01 14/15 PDF
Morris, Robert D. Reply to Robert W. Peck 2002-03 16/17 PDF
Morris, Robert D. Aspects of Post-Tonal Canon Systems 2004-05 18/19 PDF
Motazedian, Táhirih and Scott Murphy Holst’s Planets, The Final Frontier: Interplanetary Voyage as Intrapersonal Escape 2023 36 HTML
Murphy, Scott Septimal Time in an Early Finale of Haydn 2012 26 PDF
Murphy, Scott and Táhirih Motazedian Holst’s Planets, The Final Frontier: Interplanetary Voyage as Intrapersonal Escape 2023 36 HTML
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Neumeyer, David, and Julian L. Hook Review of Aspects of Tonal Music: A Schenkerian Approach, by Allen Cadwallader and David Gagné, 1998 1997 1997 PDF
Neumeyer, David Response to Matthew Brown 1998 12 PDF
Ng, Samuel Reinterpreting Metrical Reinterpretation 2009 23 PDF
Ng, Samuel The Trimodular Block and L’art de bien chanter in Hélène de Montgeroult’s Piano Sonatas, Op. 5 2023 36 HTML
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Nobile, Drew Narrative Opposition in the Beatles’ Verse–Chorus Songs, 1966–1967 2023 36 HTML
O’Donnell, Shaugn Klumpenhouwer Newtorks, Isography, and the Molecular Metaphor 1998 12 PDF
Orosz, Jeremy Review of John MacAuslan, Schumann’s Music and E. T. A. Hoffman’s Fiction, Cambridge University Press, 2016 2018 32 HTML
Osborn, Brad Formal Functions and Rotations in Top-40 EDM 2023 36 HTML
Ossi, Massimo Review of Musical Poetics, by Joachim Burmeister, translated by Benito Rivera, 1993 1994 8 PDF
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Patrick, Morgan Into Wondrous Realms with Two Triads: Markedness, Voice Leading, and Functional Multivalence as Correlates of Fantasy Induction in the “Fantasy Fifth” Progression 2023 36 HTML
Pau, Andrew The Harmonic Theories of Jean-Adam Serre 2018 32 HTML
Pearce, Trevor Tonal Functions as Active Synthesis: Hugo Riemann, German Psychologym, and Kantian Epistemology 2008 22 PDF
Peck, Robert W. Review of Class Notes for Advanced Atonal Theory, by Robert D. Morris, 2001 2002-03 16/17 PDF
Peck, Robert W. Aspects of Recursion in M-Inclusive Networks 2004-05 18/19 PDF
Pedneault-Deslauriers, Julie ‘Denk an meinen Hund’: Applied Subdominants and Motivic Treatment in Schoenberg’s “Warnung,” Op. 3, No. 3 2014-15 28/29 PDF
Pierce, Alexandra Developing Schenkerian Hearing and Performing 1994 8 PDF
Platt, Heather Unrequited Love and Unrealized Dominants 1993 7 PDF
Proctor, Gregory Review of A Classical Turn of Phrase: Music and the Psychology of Convention, by Robert O. Gjerdingen, 1988 1989 3 PDF
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Rabinovitch, Gilad Reimagining Fauré’s Harmony 2023 36 HTML
Rahn, Jay Music Theory and Practice: A Behavioral View 1987 1 PDF
Rao, Nancy Yunhwa On Division of Intellectual Labor 2019 33 HTML
Reale, Haley Beverburg Dissolving Monotonality: Expressive Modulation in Two Works by C.P.E. Bach 2013 27 PDF
Roeder, John, and Scott Alexander Cook Triadic Transformations and Parsimonious Voice Leading in the Music of Gavin Bryars 2006 20 PDF
Rogers, Nancy Hearing an Old Story in a New Way: An Analysis of Loewe’s Erlkönig 2016 30 PDF
Rolf, Marie, and Elizabeth West Marvin Analytical and Interpretive Decisions in Two Songs by Richard Strauss 1990 4 PDF
Rothstein, William Ambiguity in the Themes of Chopin’s First, Second, and Fourth Ballades 1994 8 PDF
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Sallmen, Mark Composition with a Single Row Form? Webern’s ‘Schatzerl klein,’ Op. 18, No. 1 2002-03 16-17 PDF
Sallmen, Mark Transposition Networks and Network Chains in Schoenberg’s Sechs kleine Klavierstücke, Op. 19 2016 30 PDF
Saltini, Roberto Antonio Structural Levels and Choice of Beat-Class Sets in Steve Reich’s Phase-Shifting Music 1993 7 PDF
Samarotto, Frank Fluidities of Phrase and Form in the “Intermezzo” of Brahms’s First Symphony 2008 22 PDF
Samuels, Robert Entendez-vous la musique? Review of Music Writing Literature, from Sand via Debussy to Derrida, by Peter Dayan, 2006 2008 22 PDF
Schaffer, John Wm. Review of CMAP: Contemporary Music Analysis Package, by Craig Harris and Alexander Brinkman, 1988 1988 2 PDF
Scotto, Ciro Music Theory at the Turn of the Millennium and The Open Space Magazine 2004-05 18/19 PDF
Segall, Christopher Franz Liszt’s Bagatelle ohne Tonart (in B Minor) 2023 36 HTML
Slottow, Stephen Carl Ruggles’s Cadential Complex 2002-03 16/17 PDF
Sly, Gordon The Architecture of Key and Motive in a Schubert Sonata 1995 9 PDF
Smith, Peter H. New Perspectives on Brahms’s Linkage Technique 2007 21 PDF
Smyth, David Beethoven’s Last Bagatelle 1999 13 PDF
Smyth, David H., and Donald Traut Stravinsky’s Sketches for the “Great Chorale” 2011 25 PDF
Snell, James L. Review of Pascal Programming for Music Research, by Alexander R. Brinkman, 1990 1991 5 PDF
Stoecker, Philip Review of Edward Venn,Thomas Adès: Asyla, Routledge, 2017 2018 32 HTML
Straus, Joseph A Strategy of Large-Scale Organization in Stravinsky’s Late Music 1997 11 PDF
Strykowski, Derek R. Hearing the Interrogative in the Cadences of Sigismondo d’India: A Quantitative Analysis of the Polyphonic Madrigals 2023 36 HTML
Suurpää, Lauri Schumann, Heine, and Romantic Irony: Music and Poems in the First Five Songs of Dichterliebe 1996 10 PDF
Suurpää, Lauri Interrelations between Expression and Structure in the First Movements of Joseph Haydn’s Piano Sonatas Hob. XVI/44 and XVI/20 2009 23 PDF
Suurpää, Lauri Review of Graphic Music Analysis: An Introduction to Schenkerian Theory and Practice, by Eric Wenn, Lowman & Rittlefield, 2019 2020 34 HTML
Swinkin, Jeffrey Analytic Context and Aesthetic Properties: Listening to Recordings of Beethoven’s Largo Appassionato from Op. 2, No. 2 2019 33 HTML
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Swinkin, Jeffrey Cyclic Form in Clara Schumann’s Four Fugitive Pieces, op. 15 2023 36 HTML
Temperley, David The Six-Four as Tonic Harmony, Tonal Emissary, and Structural Cue 2017 31 PDF
Terefenko, Dariusz Keith Jarrett’s Art of Solo Introduction: “Stella By Starlight” — A Case Study 2010 24 PDF
Thomas, Margaret Nancarrow’s “Temporal Dissonance”: Issues of Temporal Proportions, Metric Synchrony, and Rhythmic Strategies 2000-01 14/15 PDF
Traut, Donald, and David H. Smyth Stravinsky’s Sketches for the “Great Chorale” 2011 25 PDF
Turner, Mitchell Interval-Class Exchanges in a Two-Dimensional Pitch-Class Space 2002-03 16/17 PDF
Tymoczko, Dmitri The Consecutive-Semitone Constraint on Scalar Structure: A Link Between Impressionism and Jazz 1997 11 PDF
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Uno, Yayoi The Tempo-Span GIS as a Measure of Continuity in Elliott Carter’s Eight Pieces for Four Timpani 1996 10 PDF
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Vágnerová, Lucie Review of Electronic Inspirations: Technologies of the Cold War Musical Avant-Garde, by Jennifer Iverson, Oxford University Press, 2018 2019 33 HTML
Vande Moortele, Steven Sentences, Sentence Chains, and Sentence Replication: Intra- and Interthematic Formal Functions in Liszt’s Weimar Symphonic Poems 2011 25 PDF
W Back to top
Wadsworth, Benjamin K., and Simon Needle Rhyme, Metrical Tension, and Formal Ambiguity in Kendrick Lamar’s Flow 2022 35 HTML
Warburton, Dan A Working Terminology for Minimal Music 1988 2 PDF
Wason, Robert W. Webern’s Variations for Piano, Op. 27: Musical Structure and the Performance Score 1987 1 PDF
Waters, Keith “Giant Steps” and the ic4 Legacy 2010 24 PDF
Wennerstrom, Mary H. Kostka, Lester, and Straus: Twentieth-Century Materials and Analytical Techniques in Review 1990 4 PDF
Wheeldon, Marianne Interpreting “strong moments” in Debussy’s “La terrasse des audiences du clair de lune” 2000-01 14/15 PDF
Wintle, Christopher Author’s Introduction to Corelli’s Tonal and Rhythmic Models 2017 31 PDF
Wintle, Christopher Corelli’s Rhythmic Models: Dance Movements in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries 2017 31 PDF
Wintle, Christopher Corelli’s Tonal Models: The Trio Sonata Op. 3, No. 1 2017 31 PDF
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Zbikowski, Lawrence M. Music Theory, Multimedia, and the Construction of Meaning 2002-03 16/17 PDF
Zhang, Xieyi (Abby) Hope to Grief: An Analysis of Dvořák’s Moravian Duets, op. 38 2023 36 HTML