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Symposium of Analytic Vignettes; Regular Submissions to Intégral Paused for Upcoming Volume (36)

The editors and staff of Intégral are pleased to announce a call for papers for a peer-reviewed symposium of analytical vignettes to be included in our upcoming volume (Volume 36). These vignettes are meant to be shorter submissions, between 2500 and 5000 words, and are typically narrower in scope. Analytical vignettes contribute original analytic ideas to specific works but do not necessarily have to develop new methodologies. We encourage submissions that address music by underrepresented composers and artists. Analytical vignettes will go through the same anonymous peer review process as articles. We will be accepting submissions for this symposium until September 1, 2022. Echoing the rise of lightning talks, SMT-Pod, and Indiana Theory Review’s similar call for shorter-form analytic essays, we feel that such a symposium aptly reflects some of the newer currents in our field and opens up a larger, more accessible, and more diverse space within the academic publishing ecosystem.

In tandem with this, however, we regretfully announce that we are pausing submissions for standard-format articles for Volume 36. The number of currently received submissions in various stages of review, along with the submissions we anticipate receiving for this symposium, has maxed out our graduate student staff’s ability to process these submissions in a timely manner. The earliest any new article submissions will be considered for publication will be Volume 37 (2024).