The Eastman Community Music School is located on the campus of and shares rehearsal and performance venues with one of the most prestigious music colleges in the world. See location and parking for more information


ECMS instructors are professional artist-educators who are Western New York’s most sought after teachers and performers. ECMS interns are Eastman School of Music students or recent graduates and are among the best and brightest young performers in the world.

Concerts and Recitals

After studio recital May 26, 2012

Concerts and recitals are the lifeblood of any music school. Eastman Community Music School students are welcome to attend hundreds of concerts and master classes at the School each year. All but a few are free of charge. Community Music School students also have numerous opportunities to perform in public recitals and concerts. Many of our graduating seniors are offered the opportunity to perform a senior recital at Eastman before leaving us.


The University of Rochester maintains official transcripts of all our students. At your request, they will be forwarded to the colleges of your choice for a minimal charge. Please allow 7-10 business days for processing your request.

ID Cards

The Community Music School issues identification cards to its students. They are necessary for access to several areas of the campus. They also entitle the bearer to free admission to many Eastman School of Music concerts that are not free to the general public and to Sibley Music Library for checkout purposes.

Extensive Diploma Program and Special Awards

High school and adult students may earn a diploma, representing a comprehensive musical training, encompassing a well-balanced blend of private instruction, performance, and academic coursework. The program allows for individualized flexibility while maintaining a rigorous standard of excellence. Special awards and scholarships are granted to over one hundred students at our graduation ceremony each spring in recognition of outstanding accomplishment in the study of music.


Financial assistance for regular academic year study is available to our students for lessons, classes and ensembles. Preference is given to those students enrolled in a diploma program. Assistance is awarded on the basis of merit and financial need. Merit awards recognize demonstrated musical achievement or potential. Financial need is determined by reviewing copies of federal income tax returns supplied with the application form.

Accompanying Service

To encourage all of our students to participate in recitals each year, each student who registers for private lessons for the full semester will be granted two free rehearsal coupons per semester. Furthermore, the School covers the cost for accompaniment for the recital itself, as well as for juries, exams, master classes, and studio recitals.

Sibley Music Library

With a student ID card, our students receive Sibley Music Library checkout privileges. The Sibley Music Library at Eastman is the largest academic music library in the United States.


Studio teachers, in consultation with each student, prepare a Student Progress Report at the end of the fall semester. Students also receive letter grades. Assessment forms are given to the students in their lessons; letter grades are mailed home in the form of a report card. Classroom teachers also give semester grades which are included in the report cards. In addition every student taking lessons in the Community Music School is encouraged to play an annual examination or jury for faculty members other than the student’s own teacher. A written report will follow. Students also are asked to write an annual evaluation of their teachers. Each spring forms for this purpose are available to every Community Music School student.


Eastman Community Music School encourages all of its students to participate in the jury process. This is an opportunity to perform for a panel of our faculty members, providing objective feedback about your progress, and also helping prepare you for future auditions. Younger students may instead choose to play for just one teacher. Most exams and juries will be scheduled during May.

Discount Program

Students enrolled in private lessons save money on additional classes and ensembles. Click here for details.