Music Theory and Aural Skills 1 – World Campus

Grades 7-Adult
Instructor: Daniel Sawler

Tuition D*
*FREE with a full semester of weekly lessons!
This is a yearlong course divided into two semesters, beginning in September.

Students will follow a weekly schedule of asynchronous online class learning activities. Students will also be required to attend half of the weekly hour-long synchronous online class review sessions offered throughout the course. The course facilitator will communicate with students prior to the first meeting of the class in September to schedule the review sessions.

Music Theory and Aural Skills 1 is a foundational course that builds theory knowledge and fills gaps in fundamental music understanding. Beginning with clef reading (treble, alto, tenor, bass), students progress through a study of pitch, rhythm, keys, modes, intervals, and a brief introduction to chords.

Relevant Aural Skills are used to introduce each topic. Students will learn to match pitch, perform basic rhythms, and sing major and minor key melodies.

If you are considering taking Music Theory and Aural Skills 1, you can download the ECMS Theory Placement Exam (pdf) and complete it at home.

When you have completed the test, you can scan it to Daniel Sawler at who can help determine if this course is a good fit for you as a student

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Continuing ECMS students may re-register online from May until September.

Paper registration forms available upon request: (585) 274-1400

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