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Photo Gallery: Class of 1976 Recital

The Class of 1976 Recital featured music of composers of the Class of 1976. The program was as follows:

Eric Ewazen: Autumn Night (2016) 
Judith Paniccia Ricker, oboe; Joseph Werner, piano

Pamela Marshall: Sunrise on the Hills (2007)
Caroline Baker, horn

David Heinick: Selections from Bird Songs (2005)
Susan May Schneider, soprano; David Heinick, piano

Pamela Marshall: High Flight (2007)
Katherine Fink, flute

Eric Ewazen: Eternal Spring (A Hudson River Idyll) for Flute and Piano (2016)
Katherine Fink, flute; Candace Chaning, flute; David Heinick, piano

David Snow: Parlour Music (2002, rev. 2016)
Fixed media

Pamela Marshall: Among Friends (2008)
Henry Bond, Lauren Robinson, Leah Jorgensen, and Shimon Ohi, horns

Eric Ewazen: Selections from A Summer’s Journey (2009)
II. In the Grove
V. Spring Dream
Diane Green Dabczynski, soprano; Judith Paniccia Ricker, oboe; David Heinick, piano

David Heinick: Four-Letter Words (2015)
Julianne Kirk-Doyle, clarinet; Casey Grev, alto-saxophone; David Heinick, piano

Recordings of the recital will be made available soon.

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