Alumni Relations

Trombone Choir Recital Program

Emory Remington Choir Concert
June 12, 2015 Kilbourn Hall

Donald Hunsberger, Conductor

Daily Warmups (interspersed throughout)

Chorale: CHRIST IST ERSTANDEN – Bach (arr. David Fetter)

Chorale: O SACRED HEAD – Bach (arr. Howard Hanson)

FUGUE IN C MINOR – Bach (arr. Norman Wilcox)

THREE EQUALI – Beethoven I. Andante

ACHIEVED IS THE GLORIOUS WORK – Haydn (arr. Donald G. Miller)

DREAM PANTOMINE FROM HANSEL AND GRETEL – Humperdick (arr. Douglas Courtright)

CANZONA for 8 Trombones (1969) – Walter S. Hartley

ADAGIO from SymphonyNo. 3 – St. Saens (arr. Ken Murley)

SCARBOROUGH FAIR  – Art Garfunkel (arr. Bill Reichenbach)

HAIL TO THE CHIEF (2014) – Richard Muir, Premiere Performance