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Alumni Weekend 2004

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Friday, October 15 – Sunday, October 17, 2004

Alumni Weekend 2004 was a great success, and the best attended ever with 322 participants, whose souls and stomachs were soothed with excellent food and even better music.  In addition to 322 participants, there are a few more numbers to report, including the number of…

  • Pieces of mail sent to encourage alumni to attend Alumni Weekend 2004  16,911
  • Alumni in attendance celebrating their 50th Reunion 45
  • Balloons spread throughout the School   60
  • Balloons burst before the end of the weekend   0
  • Flower arrangements gracing the School  23
  • Lectures, programs, presentations, and workshops presented by faculty, special guests, and fellow alumni 16
  • Opportunities to eat 10
  • Tours led around campus, through the library, around the newly renovated stage, or at Mr. Eastman’s home 9+
  • Ballet dancers sighted   3
  • Extra chairs rented   230
  • Eastman ensembles that performed   5
  • Open rehearsals (including ECMS ensembles)   8
  • Faculty and staff involved in creating the Alumni Weekend 2004 experience  65+
  • Students with official roles in the weekend   65
  • Corporate and group sponsors who helped make the weekend possible 6
  • Pen lights given to alumni and friends   350
  • Times the Kilbourn Hall lectern was moved to someplace other than Kilbourn Hall   3
  • Patrons at EWE concert on Friday   1,198
  • UR Med School alumni–celebrating their own alumni weekend–among the Friday night audience  66
  • Patrons at Phil/ERC concert on Saturday   1,310
  • Proud Eastman Fund donors who attended Alumni Weekend   150
  • Digital photos of the festivities snapped by professional photographers   1,048

At Eastman the same weekend…

An Exceptional Centennial

A champagne toast from Dean James Undercofler BM ’67 officially opened the centennial celebration of the Sibley Music Library on October 15 in Miller Center; the festivities, lectures, other activities ended the following weekend. Distinguished “guests” included Howard Hanson, Claude Debussy, Johannes Brahms, and George Gershwin; the photographic exhibit Treasures from Sibley highlighted the library’s manuscript holdings by these composers, and many others…

Sibley Music Library Centennial Celebration photo gallery

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