Eastman Faculty

Keeping connections with alumni strong is everyone’s job – and everyone’s privilege – at Eastman. The Office of Alumni Relations is here to help faculty and staff stay closely connected with our graduates. Call us at x4-1111 or email us for help with any of the following needs.

Alumni Address Updates

Please help us keep the alumni database up to date to ensure continuous communication with alumni. If you receive a mailing address or email address change from an alumnus/a, please forward it to alumni@esm.rochester.edu. Alumni are encouraged to update their own records directly via the Rochester Alumni Exchange.

Alumni Contact Information

Faculty and staff who hold Eastman degrees may search the Rochester Alumni Exchange for graduates’ contact information.  (Directory access for all faculty and staff is pending.)

Alumni Mailing Lists

Many departments keep alumni well informed through regularly published newsletters and other special mailings. To receive an up-to-date mailing list or set of labels for alumni of your department or studio, please contact us at least ten (10) business days in advance of your drop date. Please note the following guidelines and requirements:

  • Address labels or lists are released after receipt of a sample of the mailing by the Alumni Relations Coordinator.
  • Like all other University- and School-sanctioned mailings, they must be factually correct and not pornographic, racist, or sexist. (See the complete Alumni Records Access Policy for more information.)

Alumni News

Graduates often share their personal and professional news with their teacher or department.  Please help us update records and spread the good news further by forwarding copies of their letters and/or emails to alumni@esm.rochester.edu. We will ensure that the news appears in the Alumni Notes section of Eastman Notes. In return, when we learn of the accomplishments of Eastman alumni, we will forward the news to the appropriate department(s).

Alumni/Volunteer Appreciation

Eastman remains a special home for so many of our alumni. Those who return to serve their alma mater as guest lecturers, to present master classes, or to perform, deserve a warm welcome and a tangible sign of appreciation. To request an appreciation gift for a visiting alumnus/a, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at x4-1111 at least three (3) business days in advance of the alumnus/a’s arrival.