Welcome to Eastman

New Student Orientation:

Multiple offices at the Eastman School of Music have been working together to plan an exciting New Student Orientation just for you! New Student Orientation is required and is full of important information, placement exams, and fun programs and activities.

All items listed below are required, unless marked otherwise. Make sure to check this page regularly, as we will be updating the dates for all items listed with TBA (to-be-announced) due dates.

Please contact the Office for Student Activities by phone at 585.274.1106 or e-mail studentactivities@esm.rochester.edu with general questions about Orientation.

Incoming Student Checklist

Before completing any of the steps below, you’ll need to activate your Net ID and set up your Rochester email address.



December 31, 2020

Submit your Official Final Transcripts       

Final official transcripts must meet the following requirements:

  • Must include your graduation date
  • Must be sent to the Eastman Office of Admissions directly by your school (either in hard copy or using a secure electronic format) or come to us in an envelope that was officially sealed by your school.

Please have the transcript sent to:
Office of Admissions
Eastman School of Music
26 Gibbs Street
Rochester, NY 14604

For electronic transcripts: admissions@esm.rochester.edu

December 31, 2020

Complete your Health History and Immunization Form     

You will receive this form in the mail. You must fill out the form that is mailed to you and return it via mail. No copies or faxed forms will be accepted.

If you are unable to meet the December 31 mailing deadline, please send your form as soon as possible to make sure it is delivered before you arrive on campus. Your Health History Form and additional paperwork (i.e., allergy and medication list) must be mailed together. (Do not mail individual pieces of paperwork separate from one another.) You can find more information on the University Health Service website.

For questions regarding your Health History Form & Immunization Requirements, please contact the UHS Health History Form Office at hhf@uhs.rochester.edu and by phone at 585.275.0697 or 1.888.363.2519.

January 10, 2021 

Submit Your Residential Life/Dining Services Contract     

The New Student Housing Application-Contract can be accessed here. This document contains important information regarding student housing and dining, as well as the application-contract forms that must be completed. Please read this document thoroughly as you will be held responsible for upholding the terms and conditions within.  The Housing Application/Contract Form is on page 14 and the Dining Contract Form is on page 15 of the PDF.  You must complete and sign these documents and return them to the Eastman Office for Residential Life by Sunday, January 10, 2021 for on-time consideration.

Completed Contracts will be accepted by mail, fax or email. 
Mail: Office for Residential Life, 100 Gibbs Street, Rochester, NY 14605
Email: reslife@esm.rochester.edu
Fax: 585.274.1175

January 20, 2021 

Complete your Placement Exams on Blackboard  

Blackboard is the University of Rochester’s learning management system, which you will use to complete all of your placement exams.  New undergraduates need to complete the piano and Music Theory placement exams, while new graduate students need to complete placement exams in Music Theory and Music History.  In addition, select MM students also need to take the listening exam. Exams will be listed under My Organizations in Spring 2021 Online Orientation and will be made available mid-January.

Questions? Contact the Office of Academic Affairs.

January 28, 2021

Complete your Online Orientation Modules         

Orientation Modules will be made available on January 21st. You will use Blackboard to complete your Online Orientation Modules. All modules will be listed under My Organizations in Spring 2021 Online Orientation

Questions? Contact The Office for Student Activities.

January 31, 2021 

Complete the Health Insurance Enrollment/Waiver   

You can access this step on the University Health Service website.

Questions? Contact the University Health Service.

February 1, 2021 

Submit your AP Scores (if applicable)  

Send your AP scores to Eastman’s Registrar’s Office at the following address:

Office of the Registrar
Eastman School of Music
26 Gibbs Street
Rochester, NY 14604

Questions? Contact the Office of the Registrar

March 5, 2021

Complete your Everfi Title IX Training 

ALL new students at the University of Rochester must complete this required training session. Training instructions are emailed directly to the email address that is on file with the University for each student. Additional instructions are provided in Blackboard (Note: the training module, itself, is not on Blackboard). Students that fail to complete this training session will be subject to an academic hold on their accounts.

Please reach out to titleix@rochester.edu with any questions or concerns. 


Complete your I9 Form (if applicable)    

If you would like to secure an on-campus job, you will need to complete the Form  I-9. This form is used to verify the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the U.S. Part 1 of the I-9 can be completed online, but Part 2 must be completed by appointment.

The University’s employer code is 11968. You will be asked to provide a work location, please select 100000-Student Workers. Once you submit Part 1, you will receive a list of the documentation to complete Part 2, which must all be originals (no pictures or copies). Please do not print your I-9 or the confirmation, as the process is entirely electronic.

Eastman students can complete ‘Part II’ of the I-9 on the Eastman School of Music Campus by visiting the Office of Financial Aid. Students can make their appointment to complete ‘Part II’ of the I-9 process using this online form.


Register with Disability Services (if applicable)      

We encourage students to register as early as possible, but you are welcome to submit an application through the Office of Academic Affairs website at any point during your time at the University of Rochester.

Questions? Contact the Office of Academic Affairs.


Request a Parking Permit (if applicable) 

Visit our Human Resource Services website  for information on  on-campus parking permits. Garage and lot availability varies.


Complete the COVID Safety Training Module 

This is a mandatory online COVID-19 Safety Training Module that all students, faculty and staff need to complete in preparation for safely returning and arriving to campus. The module is located will be located in Blackboard under Return to Campus COVID-19 Safety Training.

Questions? Email Environmental Health & Safety at questions@safety.rochester.edu.


• Housing
• Mail
• Packages
• Roommates
• Move-in


Office for Residential Life

• Undergraduate placement exams
• Academics and classes
• Programs of study
• Studio placements
• Course requirements


Office of Academic Affairs

• Graduate placement exams
• Academics and classes
• Programs of study
• Course requirements


Graduate Studies Office