Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs provides support to faculty and undergraduate students.

Frequently Asked Questions – COVID-19 policy changes

  • The University of Rochester recognizes that the changed academic policies for this semester are creating many questions for students and faculty. We deeply appreciate your patience as we bring you the most up to date information possible during this time of frequent change.¬†

Eastman Students

  • Information on advising services, taking a leave of absence, the Conservatory Exchange program, disability accommodations, and more…

River Campus Students

  • Information on the dual degree program and lessons


  • Information on assessment, Faculty Activity Reports, Outside Interest Reporting, academic integrity and more…

Visiting Scholars, Visiting Students, and Conservatory Exchange Students

  • Information on life in Rochester and your time at Eastman

CARE Network

  • Students, faculty, instructors, and staff are encouraged to submit a referral to the CARE Network if they believe that a student is in distress, see discrimination on campus, or have a general concern. Making a referral¬†initiates a review process and/or coordinated response involving the appropriate individuals, staff, and offices.