What we do:

The Technology & Media Production department is responsible for technology services throughout Eastman, including:

  • Computing
  • Web
  • Educational/multimedia labs
  • Recording (Degree Recitals/Ensembles/Individual Recording Sessions)
  • Live streaming of degree recitals (per request by student)
  • AV
  • Video production
  • Distance learning

We provide support, advice, and training for day-to-day operations for faculty, students and administration, including IT and AV infrastructure, desktop support, online content, individual and ensemble recording and filming, multimedia events, video-conferencing and public workspaces.

We also provide research and training for the strategic use of technology to support Eastman’s artistic and educational objectives.

What you will find on our pages:

The T&MP web site features pages that the Eastman Community can use to:

  • read more about our services- request recording and AV services
  • learn how to use AV equipment
  • find answers to questions in tutorials and FAQs
  • hear about future events, new developments and research in progress.

The aim is to provide an interactive and user-friendly web site that will continue to grow and evolve along with Eastman’s use of technology, so all feedback is actively encouraged and will be gratefully received.

Contact Us

For a list of our staff and contact information, please click here.


We would love to know what you think of our home on the web. Your comments and suggestions will enable us to make the most comprehensive, user friendly web site possible. Please feel free to share your opinions about our pages. Thank You!

Please read about our Control Rooms, audio-visual information about each of the Eastman School’s smartrooms and conference rooms, and a full list of the equipment we maintain and loan to Eastman community members.