The Technology & Media Production department provides the Eastman School of Music with quality audio and video recordings of the concerts and special performances that take place in Hatch Hall, Kilbourn Hall, Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre, Ray Wright Room (formerly ESM120), and other main building performance locations. Professional multimedia engineers record concerts and recitals via state of the art control rooms.

Concerts are recorded, digitized and stored on the department audio server, and transferred to CD format. The recordings are then made available for purchase to Eastman performers or composers who are on the actual recording, recordings will be provided electronically (.wav audio files).  Recordings are also archived as listening copies in the Sibley Music Library.

The following sections list the complete range of services we provide, along with policies, procedures, forms and further information.

Audio Recording

T&MP records most performances that take place in our main halls. Only performers and composers affiliated with a recording, can request audio (.wav files), of these performances.

If you are a student and would like to request an audio recording (.wav files), of your degree recital or a concert you’ve performed in, please email T&MP at

Video Recording

We can create a Video recording of your concert or recital. If you wish to request a (.mov files) video of your performance, please email T&MP at

STUDENT DEGREE RECITALS:  If you are a student and would like to request a video (.mov files), of your degree recital, please submit your request two weeks prior to your degree recital.

Live Streaming (Degree Recitals)

If you would like to have your degree recital live streamed, please submit your request two weeks prior to your recital date.

Recording Sessions

We offer recording sessions for students, working with one of our engineers in Ray Wright Room (previously ESM 120) and EEW415 in the East Wing. This is based on engineer/room availability, and the length of time according to your project.  If you are interested in a recording session, please email T&MP at

Broadcast Clearance

In order for your recital or concert to be available for broadcast, you must give clearance. In order to provide clearance, you should complete this form Student Broadcast Clearance Form


Recording and duplication service costs.

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