Technology for teaching and learning is an integral part of Eastman academic life. The following resources provide faculty, staff, and students opportunities for research, communication, and creativity using dependable, updated technology that is conveniently located in their immediate academic environment.

Creative Spaces

Eastman Media Lab

The Eastman Media Lab, located in the Student Living Center, is the main computing space on campus and was built mindful of the modern music professional who experiences life within and across a creative spectrum. Equipped with 23 fast Mac workstations, these pro-level machines were configured to help you with tasks like:

  • Quickly editing and compressing up to 4K video you need to submit for a competition.
  • Composing for that new student or indie film project layered with industry-standard instrument samples and effects.
  • Editing and laying out high-resolution photos and graphics for your website.

When not being used to meet deadlines, this 24/7 space also hosts classes and special training sessions that focus on audio and video production, digital art, film scoring, music composition, web design, and more.

Listening Room

Maintained in collaboration with Sibley Library, the Listening Room, located on the third floor of this world-renown, bibliotheca, is intended for quiet, independent musical study of audio/visual recordings and light music composition. It is equipped with audiophile components, and headphones to match, for reviewing and learning from the vast musical storehouse that is Sibley.

Additionally, the Listening room also provides a total of four computers configured solely for scanning scores and capturing video footage and sound from a wide range of media. The aim is to further academic study and offer an additional, smaller, post-production work area, similar to the Media Lab for those who need little to no assistance to complete their projects.

Online Learning and Professional Development


Blackboard is the online course management system used by the University of Rochester. Are you wondering if you should use Blackboard for your course? Do you already use Blackboard, but are seeking greater proficiency? You’ve come to the right place. Flex your wrists, stretch your fingers and open your mind; class is about to begin!

LinkedIn Learning

Available exclusively to Students, Faculty, and Staff of Eastman, LinkedIn Learning is an online learning library for self-paced professional development. With an ever-expanding and regularly updated collection of content from industry leaders, you have the option, all-year-round, wherever you have access to an internet-connected phone, tablet or computer to learn, in-depth, about topics such as:

  • How to record professional-quality audio and video
  • Computer networking, software, and hardware
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Business and leadership skills
  • Content creation software such as Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Adobe Create Cloud, Pro Tools, and more.

At Eastman, all you need is a NetID, a little time, and a large desire to grow. An empowered you, is a stronger us; within the University and the world. Meliora!