Technology and Media Production

Educational Technology Services

Technology for teaching and learning is increasingly becoming an integral part of Eastman academic life. The following resources provide faculty and students opportunities for research, communication, and organization using dependable, updated technology that is conveniently located in their immediate academic environment.

Media Suites

Technology and Media Production maintains two media suites throughout the Eastman campus. Each space is geared toward providing members of the Eastman community the computing resources needed to enable and enhance their professional lives. These labs are exclusively for the Eastman community and unauthorized access is prohibited.

Eastman Media Lab

The Eastman Media Lab, located in the Student Living Center, is the main computing space on campus and was built mindful of the modern music student. Equipped with 23 desktops and furnished with cushioned seats, it provides wireless Internet service and 24-hour access.

Listening Room

The Listening Room is intended for quiet, independent musical study of audio/visual recordings and for composing. It is equipped with computers connected to high quality headphones, unlimited Internet access, and numerous private enclosures containing stereo systems and DVD players.

Online Course Management and Learning


Blackboard is the online course management system used by the University of Rochester. Are you wondering if you should use Blackboard for your course? Do you already use Blackboard, but are seeking greater proficiency? You’ve come to the right place. Flex your wrists, stretch your fingers and open your mind; class is about to begin!

LinkedIn Learning Portal

Available exclusively to Faculty, Staff and Students of Eastman, LinkedIn Learning is an online learning library for self-paced edification. Do you need to record yourself, or your students, but you are not sure how; or which equipment or software is best to use? Do you want to feel more confident with your job responsibilities, or perhaps add a little more? Are you ready to be an entrepreneur? Do you just need to learn more about that one particular topic, but you just don’t know where to begin? Welcome to the LinkedIn Learning portal at Eastman!