Eastman Computing provides support for self-service printing, scanning, and duplicating in many locations across campus. A UR departmental copy card or URos account is required for access, unless otherwise noted.

Annex – room M1

  • 3 color copiers for faculty, staff, and departmental use
  • 1 high-speed black & white copier for faculty, staff, and departmental use
  • 1 color copier for students
  • 2 computers for printing

Cave – basement of Main Building

  • 1 color copier for faculty, staff, and students
  • 3 computers for printing

Eastman Media Lab – 1st floor, Student Living Center

  • 2 color copiers for faculty, staff, and students
  • 1 computer solely for printing (outside the lab)

Due to COVID-19 safety measures, we are no longer allowing students to use stations inside the lab solely to print materials.

Sibley Music Library

  • 3 color copiers for faculty, staff, and students
  • 1 black & white copier/printer for public use (cash only)
  • 25 computers for printing

Other departmental locations (faculty, staff and departmental cards only)

  • Faculty may print from their ESM computer to any copier using a departmental copy card
  • Contact Eastman Computing for more information


Public, non-departmental copiers charge per side printed. For example, a 2-sided, color copy on a single sheet will cost $0.50.

Black & white

  • $0.07/side – Faculty, staff, and departmental use
  • $0.10/side – Student and public use


  • $0.25/side

Have questions?

If you need printer ink, toner, or other consumables, contact your department admin, or call the phone number listed on your device. All copiers are labeled with service & supply contact information.

For assistance with jam recovery, scanning problems, or any other issues, please contact Eastman Computing for help.

Copy Center hours follow building and Annex hours.

Need to send a fax?

If you are unable to email or submit your document online, it is sometimes necessary to send a fax. For documents no more than three pages in length, use the free FaxZero service. Public copiers at Eastman do not provide fax service.