Private Theory or Jazz Theory Project

A Theory Project is an independent study, in which the student will meet with an instructor for one hour a week for a full academic year.  The student will select a piece (or a movement from a piece) that he/she is studying in lessons. Following a detailed analysis, the student will write up his/her findings in a paper and then present the paper in the form of a lecture recital in May of that year. Prerequisite: Aural Skills II and Theory II

An Honors Theory Project is a more advanced theory project in which the student will meet with an instructor for an hour a week for two full academic years.  The student will present his/her findings in front of a jury. Prerequisites Theory III and Aural Skills III


Theory projects are billed as private instruction over the course of two 17-week semesters. Fall lessons are automatically re-registered for Spring semester, unless the student submits a written request to cancel before the semester begins. Click here for current tuition rates.

How to Register

New Students:

  • Please complete the ECMS Registration Form and submit it to the office for placement with a teacher. Lessons may begin any time of year.
  • Each new student requesting lessons will be assigned to an intern or instructor. Requests for a particular teacher will be honored when possible. Once the assignment has been made, the teacher will contact the student directly. The student and teacher will set up a mutually agreed upon lesson time and day.

Continuing Students:

  • Students continuing lessons with their same teacher may register online from mid-May through Mid-September.
  • Alternatively, continuing students may submit an ECMS Registration Form at any time.


Click here for complete details on registration and policies.