AP® Music Theory


Prepare for the AP® Music Theory exam - completely online!

Keep on track for the AP® Music Theory exam with this yearlong, rigorous and comprehensive course

  • A college-level written theory and aural skills experience
  • Focuses on music literacy, analytical training, and aural development
  • Weekly Zoom review sessions for frequent student-student and student-teacher interaction
  • Online music theory worksheets, aural skills exercises, multimedia quizzes, and instructional videos
  • Formative feedback and assessment for all students
  • Thorough overviews of AP®– specific topics, exam preparation, test-taking tips
  • Quality digital learning environment and tools
  • Consistent teacher presence and interaction with personalized feedback


This course can be applied toward the music theory requirement for the Eastman Community Music School Diploma Program.

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Course Description

Grades 9-12

Teacher: Stephanie Venturino

Schedule: Students will follow a weekly schedule of asynchronous online class learning activities. Students will also be required to attend half of the weekly hour-long synchronous online class review sessions offered throughout the course. The instructor will communicate with students prior to the first meeting of the class to schedule the review sessions.  Course starts September 9, 2020.

Room: online 

Tuition: $592 per semester

Tuition with lessons (10% off): N/A

Tuition with lessons and two or more concurrent 17-week classes or ensembles (15% off): N/A

Additional materials fee: no additional fees; all materials — including textbook and workbooks — covered in course cost

AP® Music Theory provides students with a college-level written theory and aural skills experience designed to prepare them for the AP® Music Theory Examination. This yearlong online course focuses on basic music literacy, analytical training, and aural development through written and aural skills components. The written portion of the course will cover fluency with fundamentals, harmony, and harmonic counterpoint. The aural skills portion will cover sight-singing, performing rhythms, identifying melodic patterns, harmonic progressions, intervals, and chords; and practicing dictation.

Note: AP® Music Theory fulfills the requirement for Fundamental Musicianship: Theory and Aural Skills 1 at the Eastman Community Music School. The AP® course is for high school students only and does not provide college credit.

Prerequisites and Background: No prerequisites courses are required.  Students must be able to read and write musical notation in at least one clef and show basic performance ability on voice or an instrument.  

AP® is a trademark owned by the College Board, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, this course.

The Eastman Community Music School Diploma

For students at the Eastman Community Music School, this rigorous course will earn credit for both Fundamental Musicianship: Theory & Aural Skills 1 and Fundamental Musicianship: Aural Skills 2 toward the music theory requirement of the ECMS Diploma. The ECMS Diploma is a comprehensive program that exposes high school students to every aspect of musical study and provides a path to personal musical enrichment and a head start on the collegiate music experience. Pursuing this intensive study alongside of your high school curriculum is an impressive accomplishment to add to your resume! Further, students enrolled at ECMS are able to request a transcript from the Eastman School of Music registrar’s office regardless of enrollment in the Diploma program to submit along with their high school transcripts on college applications.