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Please purchase the appropriate text by the 1st class

PCL 101-102:

Keyboard Musicianship Piano for Adults Book One; 10th edition

by James Lyke, Tony Caramia, Reid Alexander, Geoffrey Haydon, Ronald Chioldi; Stipes Music Publishing, 2014

ISBN: 978-1-60904-307-0

This first-year text is designed for the college instrumental and vocal major who needs to satisfy the normal keyboard requirement.  It contains practical materials for a life-long career in music: studying scores, playing simple accompaniments, understanding keyboard harmony, reading lead sheets, realizing chord cymobls, improvising and so on.  Playing solos and ensemble music with the proper technique rounds out piano study.

This widely adopted text includes eight chapters and an appendix.  It covers a full year of study in its eight chapters.  It also includes a CD with tracks prepared by Dr. Geoffrey Haydon.  Dr. Reid Alexander has selected appropriate classical repertoire and composer Professor Tony Caramia has written many new solos for this edition.  Additional solos have been composed by Dr. Lyke and Dr. Haydon.  Dr. Ronald Chioldi has been responsible for the Musicianship Acticities and Technique sections at the end of each chapter.  Dr. Lyke has added many new selections for the sight reading and harmonziation segements as well as arranging folk popular songs and ensemble pieces.

The popular songs are by noted American composers such as Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern, George Gershwin and others.

Students will enjoy the variety of keyboard activities and teachers will find lesson planning and testing uncomplicated.  This text is not meant to be a page by page approach, but one where the student and teacher are able to select from a variety of levels.  Suggestions for evaluation appear at the end of each chapter.


PCL 103-104:

Keyboard Musicianship: Group Piano for Adults, Book Two, 10th edition
by James Lyke, Tony Caramia, Reid Alexander, Geoffrey Haydon, and Ron Chioldi; Stipes Music Publishing, 2015
ISBN: 1-60904-341-4

The new 10th edition of Keyboard Musicianship, Piano for Adults became available in March 2015 and was showcased at the MTNA convention in Las Vegas.

This second-year text meets the needs of college instrumental and vocal music labors who need to satisfy basic keyboard requirements.  This text is widely used in college piano labs where students learn in a group environment.  Each chapter comprises of materials which feature the following: chord pattern study, sight reading and score reading studies, (with suggested transpositions), harmonization of folk and popular melodies, accompaniments, arrangements of American song repertoire ensemble and solo repertoire.  Also included are musicianship and technical studies.  This text covers two semesters of study.

The 10th edition of Keyboard Musicianship, Book Two,  includes many new solos and ensemble repertoire.  There are many new arrangements of American popular songs by great American songwriters such as Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, Jerome Kern and others.  Many new arrangements are included in the sight reading and accompanying sections.

Students and teachers will appreciate the carefully sequenced materials in all sections.  Many choices are available for students with differing ability levels.  The primary goal of this text is to develop a well-rounded musician who will make use the keyboard in whatever career he/she chooses.


PCL 105-106:

  • a technique handout will be dispensed in class







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