Class Piano

Grading Policy/Required Courses

Grading Policy

Grades for all levels are based equally on progress in class and exam performance:

•  attendance –

      PCL 101-104:  ONLY 2 (TWO) UNEXCUSED ABSENCES ARE ALLOWED. There are NO exceptions.

      PCL 105-106:  ONLY 1 (ONE) UNEXCUSED ABSENCE IS ALLOWED. There are NO exceptions.

•  quality and quantity of work covered

•  progress shown throughout the semester

•  student’s playing relative to the requirements of the level

•  class work including preparation for classes, and lessons (PCL 105/106)

•  4 chapter tests

•  daily and weekly quizzes at the discretion of the instructor


Class Piano Requirements

for Applied Music Majors

Voice—complete PCL 104
Strings—complete PCL 104
Harp, Guitar—complete PCL 104
Wind/Brass/Percussion—complete PCL 104
Jazz & Contemporary Media—complete PCL 104
Music Education (Instrumental)—complete PCL 104

for other Majors

Composition—complete PCL 106
Theory—complete PCL 106 by junior year
Music Education (General)—complete PCL 106
Music Education (Vocal)—complete PCL 106


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