Class Piano

Proficiency Test for PCL 104

This proficiency test covers all material from the general syllabus for PCL 104, and includes, but is not limited to, Chapters 5—8 of Keyboard Musicianship, Book 2, 10th Edition, by Lyke, Caramia, Alexander, Haydon and Chioldi; (Stipes Publishing Co., ©2015).  Students who wish to take this proficiency must have a copy of the text—absolutely no duplicated material will be allowed.  See Professor Caramia for a copy of the 10th edition.

Note: all playing—from scales to fundamental skills to repertoire—must be at a high musical level, with attention to proper pedaling, steady rhythm, and a sensitivity to tonal color.

When you are ready to take this test, contact Professor Caramia (room 410;

NOTE:  EVERYTHING listed below must be performed in order to pass this proficiency test.

1) Technique:

  • all black key minor scales (harmonic form), hands together at a steady tempo,
    4 octaves
  • all corresponding minor triad arpeggios hands together at a steady tempo,
    4 octaves
  • all corresponding dominant 7th arpeggios (starting on Dominant scale degree), hands together at a steady tempo, 4 octaves
  • all corresponding diminished 7th arpeggios (starting on leading tone), hands together at a steady tempo, 4 octaves

 2) Fundamental Skills:

  • choose three from pp. 319-322, #1-8 and be able to play and transpose each melody
  • play either accompaniment on pp. 326-32
  • harmonizations:
          prepare any 2 melodies, from pp. 315-317, keyboard style
          prepare p. 318, with appropriate jazz voicings, keyboard style
  • chord progressions (all to be done from memory and with the sustaining pedal):
          p.271  harmonize one major and minor scale, your choice, memorized, and with the sustaining pedal

3) Repertoire:

    • perform 1 piece from each period:
      • Baroque (Chapter 5)
      • Classic (Chapter 6)
      • Romantic (Chapter 7)
      • Contemporary (Chapter 8)
  • prepare 1 other solo or duet piece not included in Keyboard Musicianship, Book 2, from any period
  • play a piano accompaniment to a piece from your major instrument

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