Class Piano

Class Piano 103 (3rd Semester)

PLEASE NOTE:  This class is for Eastman students only.

TEXT: Keyboard Musicianship, Book 2, 11th edition, 2020:  Chapters 1—4
(Lyke, Caramia,, Haydon, and Chioldi)
Stipes Publishing Co.

OBJECTIVES: to broaden the technical, practical, and musical skills covered in PCL 101-102.

1) Technique:

  • review of all white key major and minor scales, and arpeggios, hands together in 8th notes, 2 octaves
  • all black key major scales, hands together in 8th notes, 2 octaves
  • all corresponding triad arpeggios, hands together, 2 octaves
  • all corresponding dom 7th arpeggios
  • all Dim7 arpeggios in 2 octaves
  • major and minor pentachord review
  • further use of sustaining pedal
  • broken chords
  • further chromatic scale studies

 2) Repertoire:

  • solo literature at the early to mid-intermediate level, stressing multiple keys, longer forms, greater dynamic range, increased finger complexity, thicker textural densities, and varied compositional and historical styles; composers include Bach, Gurlitt, Haydn, Schubert, Mozart, Beethoven, Wilder, Kabalevsky

 3) Fundamental Skills:

  • continued emphasis on sight reading, and transposition in multiple styles, textures, keys;
  • harmonization using keyboard (piano) style; chording accompaniments; jazz symbols
  • chord progressions:
  • improvisation exercises in solo and ensemble settings

Course Outline

Chapter 1 (6 classes)
Quiz on Chapter 1

Chapter 2 (6 classes)
Quiz on Chapter 2

Chapter 3 (5 classes)
Quiz on Chapter 3

Chapter 4 (5 classes)
Quiz on Chapter 4


Grades are based more on progress in class than on exam performance:

  • class work including preparation for classes, labs, and lessons
  • quality and quantity of work covered
  • progress shown throughout the semester
  • student’s playing relative to the requirements of this level
  • 4 Chapter tests
  • quizzes at the discretion of the instructor input from the instructor, including daily assessment, evaluation of  performances, and other criteria as stated in individual policies

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