Class Piano

Proficiency Test for PCL 105

When you are ready to take this test, contact Professor Caramia (room 410;


1) Technique (fingerings)

  • in any major or minor key up to 3#’s, 3 b‘s
  • major scales; minor scales (3 forms), hands together, 4 octaves
  • corresponding major and minor triad arpeggios, hands together, 4 octaves
  • corresponding dom. and dim 7th chord arpeggios, hands together, 4 octaves
  • 1 (one) etude from Bertini (Op.100), or Burgmuller (Op.100), or Czerny, or Heller (Opp.45, 47, 125)

2) Repertoire: a minimum of three (3) pieces, using different Baroque, Classic and Romantic composers; selected from (but not limited to):

Bach Little Preludes
Preludes, Book 1, WTC
Beethoven Bagatelles, Op.119
Chopin Preludes, Waltzes, Mazurkas
Gretchaninoff Children’s Book
Grieg Lyric Pieces
Mendelssohn Songs Without Words
Schubert Waltzes and other Dances
Schumann Album for the Young
Scenes from Childhood
  Sonatinas and Sonatas by Beethoven, Clementi, Haydn, Kuhlau, Mozart

3) Accompaniment: a piano accompaniment from the student’s major instrument



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