Class Piano

Proficiency Test for PCL 101

This proficiency test covers all material from the syllabus for PCL 101, and includes, but is not limited to, Chapters 1—4 (pp 1-173) of Keyboard Musicianship, Book 1, by Lyke, Caramia, Haydon, and Chioldi (Stipes Music Publishing, 11th Edition, ISBN: 978-1-60904-745-0

Students who elect to take the proficiency must use this text—no duplicated material will be allowed.

Note: all playing—from scales to fundamental skills to repertoire—must be at a high musical level, with attention to proper pedaling, steady rhythm, and sensitivity to tonal color.

When you are ready to take this test, contact Professor Caramia (room 410;

NOTE:  EVERYTHING listed below must be performed in order to pass this proficiency test.


  • C, G, D, E, A, B and F major scales and arpeggios, hands together, 2 octaves (fingerings; also in text on pp 353-358, bottom)


  • play the two melodies with pedal on p. 47
  • harmonize any three melodies from pp 123–125 (your choice)
  • play any three of the melodies from p. 127-129 (your choice)
  • transpose any two of the melodies on pp. 131-133 (your choice)
  • play one of the accompaniments from pp 134-137 (your choice)


  • perform 2 pieces from pp 148-155 (your choice)
  • perform a piece of your choice not included in Keyboard Musicianship, Book 1