Class Piano

Class Piano 105-106

PLEASE NOTE:  This class is for Eastman students only.

For undergraduate Eastman students in the following majors: Music Education – General (non-pianists), Music Education – Vocal (non-pianists), Theory, and Composition. Also open to any other interested students who have completed PCL 104 or equivalent.

OBJECTIVES: to provide a more advanced level of keyboard instruction.

1) Technique: to be done in lab: up to 3#’s, 3b’s in 105, all keys in 106

  • major scales; minor scales (harmonic form), hands together, 4 octaves in 16th notes
  • major and minor triad arpeggios, hands together, 4 octaves in 16th notes
  • dom and dim 7th chord arpeggios, hands together, 2 octaves in 16th notes
  • other technical exercises as needed

2) Keyboard Skills: to be done in lab

  • Advanced Harmonization: see MUE related choral accompaniments; Sight Reading
  • Accompaniments: Students are encouraged bring piano accompaniments from their major instruments to study.

3) Repertoire: to be covered in private lessons: a minimum of three (3) pieces per semester

  • PCL 105:  Baroque-Classic-Romantic
  • PCL 106:  Impressionistic-Contemporary
  • PCL 105/106:  Etudes, such as Bertini (Op.100); Burgmuller (Op.100); Czerny; Heller (Opp.45, 47, 125); Waxman


  1. a required performance of repertoire at the end of the semester for both 105 and 106; each student’s TA is responsible for contacting another TA to attend the performance.
  2. 4 tests (scheduled throughout the semester), 3 on scales and the fourth on an etude
  3. attendance:  one un-excused absence allowed

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