At the conclusion of each school-year, ECMS showcases the talents and hard work of
our students and ensembles in a myriad of free concerts and events. 

All performances in 2020 were shared digitally. Look for more information on Springfest 2021 this winter!

We will be celebrating the accomplishments of our students this year through digital media from this Thursday, May 28 – Sunday May 31.

After asking our students and faculty for submissions to celebrate Springfest we received a lot of great performance videos. While we won’t be able to highlight and share them all publicly, we will make sure that everyone can be heard!

Throughout the day from Thursday – Sunday we will showcase a variety of student performances with public videos on our Youtube Channel and posts on our Facebook Page and Instagram! These videos were chosen as some of the best performances that we received, and for the variety of student performances that we could include!

All of these videos will be hosted on a public ECMS Showcase playlist on Youtube for Springfest 2020! 

Featured performers each day will be:

Thursday 5/28:
Young Eastman Strings Tutti Ensemble, tenor Tom Morrell, pianist Richard Swan, Lynn McGrath and her student Septon Chan, and David Piccaretto with the Period Instrument Baroque Ensemble

Friday 5/29:
Krusenstjerna Scholarship Flute Choir, cellist Caspar Carson, soprano Emma Kaczorowski, guitarist Sam Coyle, and tenor Paul O’Malley

Saturday 5/30:
Maura McCune Corvington and her students performing a horn quartet, pianist Tianyi Yang, cellist Dylan Bachman, soprano Lydia Diekman, and Lynn McGrath’s Beatle’s guitar class

Sunday 5/31:
cellist Joanna Frank, pianist Benji Watson, the Camerata Bowed-Strings Ensemble, pianist Sonia Kane, soprano Isabelle Hudson 

For all other video submissions we received, we will also be sending a daily recital playlist with the work of ECMS students to our student and faculty email lists:

Thursday: General Student Recital featuring soloist and ensemble submissions

Friday: General Student Recital featuring soloist and ensemble submissions

Saturday: Composition recital featuring student work from the studio of Margaret Henry

Sunday: A program of our publicly posted Showcase Videos

If you don’t receive our monthly emails, but would like to sign up to receive these student performances, head to this link and join us this week!

Click here for concert venue location information.