Jordan Lerner

Hi, I’m Jordan! I am from the NYC area, currently living in Rochester, New York. I am a young, energetic, high level instrumentalist with a special interest in teaching music. I love teaching all kinds of music, especially to beginners. I use a student-centered approach and encourage people from all backgrounds and skill levels! My favorite subjects to teach are saxophone, piano, music theory, and improvisation.

I believe that studying music is a privilege and is vital to becoming a well-rounded person. Music is hard, but it is rewarding. I studied classical piano for 10 years when I was a child, before becoming interested in jazz music and improvisation. Studying at Lincoln Center and Eastman School of Music has taught me to work hard and appreciate art. Because of this dedication, I have been fortunate enough to play in bands such as the Berklee Jazz Ensemble, U.S. All-Eastern Jazz Ensemble, the U.S. All-National Jazz Band, and the Eastman Jazz Ensemble.
Having graduated with a dual degree in Music Performance from Eastman and Psychology from the University of Rochester, I have gained valuable insights into how the human mind works and have used this knowledge to develop and refine effective teaching strategies.
I look forward to helping you achieve your musical goals!