Classroom Locations

Students should confirm the location of the courses for which they have registered. Room assignments are included in the course description of each class and ensemble. To access course descriptions, click “Programs” on our website and sort courses by age, instrument, and day of the week. 

Many Eastman classroom and studio room numbers are preceded by a group of letters which indicate building location on the Eastman campus.

  • “A” refers to rooms in Eastman’s Annex Building (on Swan Street). Enter at 26 Gibbs Street, walk up the staircase to the landing and across the bridge. An ECMS ID is required.
  • “EEW” refers to rooms in Eastman’s East Wing (2010 expansion), which includes Hatch Recital Hall.
  • “ESM” refers to rooms in Eastman’s Main Building at 26 Gibbs Street.
  • “ET” refers to rooms in the Eastman Theatre complex. Enter at 26 Gibbs, go to the basement, and follow signs to the left.
  • “MC” refers to rooms in the Miller Center. Enter at 27 Gibbs Street (Sibley Music Library), which is across the street from Eastman’s Main Building.
  • “MSH” refers to rooms in Messinger Hall, the Eastman Community Music School building at 10 Gibbs Street. An ECMS ID is required for third & fourth floor access.
  • “OSL” refers to rooms in the lower levels of the Annex (Old Sibley Library). Go to the Annex mezzanine, and follow the signs to the left of the elevators. An ECMS ID is required.

Need more assistance? Visit for a detailed map of the Eastman campus.