Child Safety

mmother and son under marqueeAt the Eastman Community Music School our first priority is child safety. Because we are in an urban area and because so many of our students are under 18, our faculty and staff have a heightened sensitivity to insuring our students are always safe.

The school’s faculty and staff are assessed annually and all undergo background checks before they work with children. All new faculty are assigned to a seasoned instructor and participate in the school’s intern/mentor program. The school adheres to a stringent code of conduct for all of its employees. Again, child safety is the number one priority at Eastman!

Recommended Safety Tips for Parents

Parents should walk young children to their classes and lessons and meet them afterwards outside the classroom or studio room. Please note that parents are welcome to attend any class, lesson, or ensemble rehearsal they wish, while staying in the background. The ECMS is not responsible for children when they are not in class.

Parents should program important numbers into their and their children’s mobile devices, such as 911 (if off-campus), University of Rochester Public Safety (see below), the ECMS office (585.274.1400), teachers’ numbers, etc.

Contacting University of Rochester Public Safety

  • Dial 585.275.3333 from any cell phone.
  • Dial #413 from AT&T or Verizon cell phone.
  • On campus: Use any Blue Light Emergency Phone or dial 13 from any University phone.
  • Emergency numbers are also located on the back of all ECMS IDs.

Need to contact your child at Eastman due to a home emergency?

  • If your child is in a private lesson, please call your child or his/her teacher directly.
  • Parents may call the ECMS office (585) 274-1400 to reach their child in case of a home emergency. The office is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. The staff will know where your child is scheduled to be and who the teacher is, and can relay a message to your child during class time.
  • Parents may always call UR Public Safety (585.275.3333) in case of a home emergency.

In case of an emergency at Eastman:

In the event of a student emergency (medical, for example), ECMS teachers are instructed to call emergency numbers, such as 911 and UR Public Safety, parents and guardians, and the ECMS office.

In the event of school-wide emergencies (inclement weather or other school disruptions, for example), the ECMS will notify you via the following:

  • An email alert will be sent to all faculty, students, and parents. To assist this procedure, please be sure the ECMS office has your most recent email address on file.
  • A notice will be posted at
  • Alerts will be issued through local media outlets (television, radio) for school closings and delays.

If the school closes during lessons and classes, ECMS faculty members are instructed to call their students’ parents to inform them of the closing and arrange for pickup.

Safety Bulletin

Last updated: April, 2015