Lizhu Lu

Lizhu Lu is a senior music education student at the Eastman School of Music. Her primary instrument is piano, and she also studies voice and harp as secondary instruments. She loves teaching piano to both adult beginners and young children aside from being a student.

When Lizhu was twelve, she accompanied her baby twin brothers to their early childhood music classes in GuangDong, China and first encountered early childhood music education. In her junior year at Eastman, she took the Early Childhood Music Education class taught by Dr. Donna Brink Fox, and started to volunteer in the ECMS early childhood program in the spring of 2019.

Besides western classical music, Lizhu likes dancing, drawing and traditional Chinese instruments guqin and pipa. Before Eastman, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature in China. In the summer of 2019, she finished the Orff Schulwerk Teacher Education Level One at Eastman. She is passionate about using images, movement and language as vessels for music education.

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