General Rules Pertaining to All Diplomas

Minimum requirements for all Eastman Community Music School diplomas:

1.  Continuous lesson enrollment: private lessons are central to the development of a musician.  Students are required, each year while pursuing an ECMS diploma, to be enrolled in private lessons with an ECMS tacher. *Note: For theory majors, there is no requirement of private study.

2.  Jury requirements: A jury must be taken each year of study while pursuing a diploma.  Annual juries take place within each department and are used to determine a student’s level of achievement in his/her applied studies in an instrument/voice.

3.  Recital requirements: Diploma candidates must perform regularly on ECMS recitals:

The Diploma: Perform solo on a minimum of 2 recitals during diploma study.

The Advanced Diploma: Perform solo on a minimum of 3 recitals during diploma study.

The Pre-Collegiate Diploma: Perform solo on a minimum of 4 recitals during diploma study.

4.  Ensemble requirements: It is preferred that all ensemble requirements be fulfilled at Eastman. if a student is performing at a lower level than required for an Eastman ensemble or if an appropriate ensemble is not available at Eastman, the ensemble requirements may be fulfilled through school or other community programs.

5.  Piano Proficiency Requirements: Non-keyboard majors may complete proficiency requirements by enrolling in a Diploma Piano Class at ECMS. If already proficient at piano skills, students may elect to schedule an individual piano exam with the ECMS piano department chairperson.  Please read the Piano Proficiency Requirements. If a student is eligible for both classical and jazz diplomas, the student must pass out of both classical and jazz piano proficiencies.  Note: If the student wishes to test out of piano class, they must do so by the end of their junior year.

6.  Testing out of classes: Students wishing to test out of a course will be allowed to take a comprehensive final exam for that course. If a student receives a ‘B” or higher on the final exam for a course, he/she will receive exemption for that course. For Music Theory I, the test will be given at the first class in the fall.  A student may test out of AP Theory II and III by achieving a 5 on the AP exam at their high school. For Jazz Theory I, II & III, the student should contact the teacher of each class for a performance and aural review.  It is not possible to test out of Music History.

7. Standing in School Music Program: It is expected that while a student is pursuing a diploma at ECMS, he/she will remain in good standing in the music program of his/her home school district.

8. Theory Electives:  The following classes are considered theory electives:

Any course listed under the Music Theory heading in the catalog or on the web site

Any course listed under the Music Technology heading in the catalog or on the web site

Any Jazz Theory course, including, but not limited to Jazz Composition & Arranging, New Inventions & Etudes and Rock & Pop History & Analysis

9. Minimum Grade requirements: Diploma candidates must receive a “B” or higher in a theory class to advance to the next level of theory. All other courses require a passing grade.

See also Diplomas with Honors.


Last updated: May 29, 2014