Alexander Technique for High School Students

Grades 9-12
Teacher: Katie Fittipaldi
Thursday, 7:15 p.m. – 8:15 p.m.
Room: MSH304

Tuition: $225 per semester
Tuition with lessons (10% off): $203 per semester
Tuition with lessons and two or more concurrent 17-week classes or ensembles (15% off): $192 per semester

Offered each semester in 9-week sessions:
Fall: September 23-November 18 – Cancelled for 2021-22 year
Spring: January 20-March 24- Cancelled for 2021-22 year

“This was my first experience with Alexander Technique but not my last [thanks to] Katie’s warm, gentle guidance & ease with establishing a safe space for discussion. … The students’ open attitude to novel ideas and fearless approach to trying new techniques were an inspiration to me. I’ve been wanting to explore AT for many decades and now that I’ve had a taste, I’m hungry to learn more!” – Fall 2020 Student

Are you interested in learning how to access more ease, creativity, expression, clarity and JOY in your playing or singing? How to stay calm, cool and connected while practicing, performing or auditioning? How to make mistakes and recover with resilience? How to prevent or recover from an injury? – – The Alexander Technique is for you !

Taught by AmSAT certified Alexander Technique instructor Katie Fittipaldi (Eastman School of Music), this special 9-week session is an introduction to the basic principles of the Alexander Technique, an educational method used by musicians worldwide to enhance practice and performance, prevent injuries and pain, and to overcome performance anxiety.

Alexander Technique taught me how to truly love what I do. Through this class, I’ve been able to build so much confidence in my performing. It’s also taught me to change my everyday mindset with skills that anyone can use. You don’t need to be a musician to take this class, and everyone should!! – Fall 2020 Student 

Learn how to identify and repurpose unhelpful habits and patterns to unlock your fullest potential while in a positive, kind and supportive atmosphere.